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Autumn is back knocking at our door, beginning to put aside colors and patterns that recall in too explicit summer. However, there is a way to continue to wear a bit ‘of that summer flavor, keeping it partly hidden and showing it only to the ones we want 😉
How? By choosing to wear intimate apparel that still smell of holidays, as I did in these photos mixing some products of the fall/winter collection 2013 Yamamay. I thought the Standard Hotel in New York was the perfect location to interpret their new collection, full of vitality and energy not to mention classicism and simplicity that make it very fine and delicate. What do you think? It’s not a risky choice and it remains very romantic, I recommend you do the same!

L’autunno è ormai tornato nuovamente a bussare alle nostre porte, iniziando a mettere da parte colori e fantasie che rimandano in maniera troppo esplicita all’estate. C’è, però, un modo per continuare a portare con noi un po’ di quel sapore estivo, tenendolo in parte nascosto e mostrandolo solo a chi vogliamo 😉
Come? Scegliendo di indossare capi intimi che profumino ancora di vacanze, come ho fatto in queste foto mixando alcuni prodotti della fall/winter collection 2013 di Yamamay. Ho pensato che lo Standard Hotel di New York fosse la location perfetta per interpretare la loro nuova collezione, piena di vivacità ed energia senza dimenticare classicità e semplicità che rendono il tutto molto fine e delicato. Che ne pensate? Non è una scelta azzardata e resta anche molto romantica, vi consiglio di fare lo stesso!

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Photos by Andrew Arthur

115 Responses to “A touch of hidden summer with Yamamay”

  • Andrew definitely take good pictures of you. He sure get the angles just right. You look great in these lingerie.

    Reply to Diva In Me

    I find it weird that they chose you because you’re very flat chested and not exaclty curvy but you look good though, continue to wear those push up, it’s definitely better than what you usually wear (often nothing)

    Reply to Deb

    wow….so….great ~~!!!
    am…can i get bracelet brand ?

    Reply to SH
  • You are so sexy! I wish I hadn’t seen this. I’m going to need some me time now.

    Reply to Lola

    Hai la sensualità di una tavola da surf.

    Reply to ll
  • I love that you are petite and not at all fake. These are very glamorous photos of you.
    Please come check out my blog and the latest rubber lingerie article i wrote.
    thanks and keep it up.


    Robyn from Montreal

    Reply to robyn

    Some girls have their boyfriends take their photos while posing in their underwear…Chiara posts them online for millions of people to ogle! I see London, I see France…

    Reply to Fashole

    You are sooooooo beautyful and your body is perfect !!!!!!!!

    Regards from Germany

    Reply to ramona

    what a great body! ;*
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zofia

    I am blown away with your pics! those intimate apparels will definitely bring the holiday spirits much closer than you think!

    Reply to claire
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