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VENICE BEACH, January 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

161 Responses to “Abbot Kinney”

    Love the sunglasses!
    What Celine model ist that exactly?

    Reply to Julie

    La chanel 2.55 rossa che spettacolo … La giacca ci sta a pennello…. Ciao Chiara!!!

    Reply to Silvia
  • Still saving for my chanel!
    love your outfit

    kisses Roos,

    Reply to Roos

    How are you so perfect!

    Reply to YV
  • I love this outfit so much! That jacket is really beautiful, and I’m in love with those flats from your collection. I also really love that this outfit captures the cool and laid back vibe of Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney.


    Reply to Helen

    Sei troppo bella

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    Love this look!

    Reply to Melissa
  • The jacket is so cool Chiara! I love your style so much! It was such an honor to meet you here in Germany! You are such a beautiful person and so inspiring!


    Reply to Véjà Du

    I know you are busy all the time, but when I read blog posts I really like to read writing with it, just to get a sense of personality. Looking at the pictures is only part of the blog reading experience. Great outfit though.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    Reply to Lorna
  • You have been an inspirational figure to me & an fashion icon. I wanted to thank you for always sticking true to your routes and not changing who you are despite the fame and luxuries that have come your way. As a new aspiring fashion blogger it is refreshing knowing that other bloggers can stay true to their morals regardless of their success. I adore your line of shoes, and you have not only inspired me but motivated me to creating & developing my brand!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Roxanne Carmen

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    I love the patterns on the jacket, and would like to have a similar shirt. Years ago, when I had to wear ties, I had one with such patterns. I also like your defiant look in picture 5.

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • Oh Chiara I’m always amazed how you pull off such shirts, it looks great on you! And I really like the location you’re shooting at 🙂

    Hoping to read more of your personal stories soon!


    Reply to Yara Miora
  • I love the location, the walls are so bright and cheery and go really nicely with the red in your outfit!
    Hannah x

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  • This outfit is just so you. The vintage jacket is amazing, the print is so cool and the 90s inspiration is unique. Adore the way you wore these jeans, it’s a really personal style. These flats from your new collection are perfect for this look. The Chanel bag is pure love, it’s super chic and timeless

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