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Travelling is one Chiara’s greatest passions, for pleasure or work she always finds herself visiting beautiful places, therefore constantly taking airplanes. What should be worn to take a plane? The first thought must certainly go towards comfort and practicality, but it is possible to choose a decisively more fashionable look. Here is the gallery Chiara’s airport looks.


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    I travel a lot. I prefer shoes which are easy to remove. But I like many of Chiara’s looks

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    The looks are very cute. I like that Calvin Klein Coat. Goes perfectly with Hermes Birkin Bag…my favourite!

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  • I always choose comfortable but cute looks, I’d like to try more fashionable looks but I don’t travel in first class so comfort has the priority. All your outfits are so beautiful and I´m in love with your sweet LV-suitcase. 🙂

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  • Love these looks, they’re all so cosy yet chic.
    Depending on how long my flight is I usually just wear leggings, a comfy top and bring a warm scarf because I’m always freezing on planes!

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  • Chiara I’ve been following you for years and I have to say the one thing I always look forward to is your travels because of these airport posts! Your outfits are the perfect balance of cool and classic. I strive to emulate that when I travel and I definitely take a lot of inspiration from this. xx

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    You always look perfect! Love these photos. 🙂

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  • I’m currently obsessed with airport fashion. Thank you so much for posting this! I love ALL your looks!

    – x

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  • Very cool striped top! And those Balenciagas…

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  • I just love how you keep your outfits always simple but with so much style at the same time by using like one or two master pieces ! And the LV suitcase is just…ugh I don’t have any words to describe how perfect it is

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    loved all the outfits and i would probaly wear all of them 🙂


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