First photo outside Missoni thanks to Elena Braghieri

All my fashionweek looks from New York, Milan and Paris: which is your absolute favourite?
In which city you think I gave my best?

Tutti i miei look delle settimane della moda di New York, Milano e Parigi: qual è il vostro preferito?
In quale città ho dato il meglio di me a vostro parere? 🙂







New York, Milan and Paris fashionweek, 10th February-8th March 2012

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    Oh, i love your Milano look with trench coat and purple pumps and turquoise skirt! it is my favorite.
    Whom is the skirt by? i been looking for one.



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    Milan milan milan for ever…. Cmq grandi abbinamenti!!! Complimenti

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    New York and first Milano are the best!

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    Definitely Paris was the town in which you gave your best! Hard to decide tough! 🙂

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    the best looks is absolutely from NY. There you was very chic. It looks like luxury of the simple style 🙂

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  • Lové thé pastel ones! Pastel colours are so great on blond girls, it looks amazing on you! With thé Dior dress, Paris wins! By far!

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    First picture from new york, the black and yellow look.

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    per altri look, guardate mi-me.eu, è fantastico! If you want to see other fashion week looks look at mi-me.eu

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  • You look stunning in all of them, it's so hard to decide but I've whittled it down and I think 8,13,14,16,19,21&22. Ok maybe I didn't really do a good job on narrowing it down but surely that says something good about you! Xx

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  • Most of the outfits I like best are amongst the ones from Paris, lovely to see them all together in one post!

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    Milano!! Specially the one with the orange coat. That's my favourite.

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  • Premesso che è veramente difficile dire quale sia il look più bello, nell'insieme voto gli outfit di New York, ma anche il vestito blu che indossavi a Milano ti stava davvero d'incanto! 🙂 Stampa queste foto e mettile in un bell'album, un domani saranno un meraviglioso ricordo!

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  • I love the one with the electric blue skirt and the first one in Milano with the orange clutch and trench coat.

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    Maronnnnn di quelli di Milano non se ne salva davvero mezzo…

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  • I love them all and my two fave are the last NYC one and Paris first outfit!!!
    I love that you also wear sneakers/Kicks!!!

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  • OMG, such a hard choice, you look fabulous in EVERY single picture…how do you do it?! My favorites are the head-to-toe pastels right now and you make them look unique and interesting. The blue feather skirt is to die for as well. Beautiful!

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    assolutamente Milano,dai il meglio in casa tua e la sai rappresentare favolosamente nel suo lato più chic!

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  • My favorite looks are the ones in Milan, there is just something even more beautiful about them. Particularly crazy for the elegant one with the leopard coat and the black leather gloves.

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  • Love the neon yellow with the black fur! Will feature on my blog!

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  • I think I like the Milan looks best of all.. but i LOVE how i can see each city within all the outfits.. you really channel your environments and you're such a great stylist!

    xx from San Francisco

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  • I think I like the Milan looks best of all.. but i LOVE how i can see each city within all the outfits.. you really channel your environments and you're such a great stylist!

    xx from San Francisco

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  • Definetely in Milano!!! I love in general all your looks apart from those with big furry coats…! 🙂

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  • I can't choose only one, or only city! I love every of this <3

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  • you were up to the expectations for each fashion week but I think you did your best in Milan.Probably feeling more like home gave you some extra confidence.Really nice, Chiara!Keep rocking ^^

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    New York!
    And the one with the orange jacket from Milano

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    All your looks are great but, PARIS is the winner!

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    The second look, the 18th and the last are AMAAAAAAAAZING !!

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  • Milano 10! Il primo outfit di Milano per me li batte tutti! 😉

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  • All of your looks are great! You have a great style.


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  • I like toyr outfits most in Milano <33 You look amazing 🙂


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    a milano hai dato il meglio – il 1° look con trench è da applausi, bello anche quello con il cappotto arancione – del resto salvo solo il cappottino rosso-blu+scarpe glitter di NYC… parigi è agghiacciante, hai sbagliato a fare la valigia dai 😉

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    you have amazing fashion taste!!!! i love your shoes they are fab!!!!!!!!!!!! you should become a stylist!! <3

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  • Che meraviglia Chiara!!! Mi piacciono tantissimo i pantaloni color verdino, il cappottino blu e corallo e l'outfit con la gonna e la borsa viola. Sei bellissima e li vesti splendidamente!

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    I really liked all the looks, but my favourite are the Milano ones, you look stunning!

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    everything are fantastic 😉 you look amazing 😉

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    I think all your looks from Paris very pretty !
    By the way, you have so much style ! I wish I will have the half of your style one day,


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    New York! Milano non mi è piaciuto molto.. anche io c'ero a Milano il 18 febbraio ma non ti ho vista!

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    Can't decide if you flourished more in Milan or Paris..! Every look is so amazing! But the 10th look, with the turquoise skirt and purple pumps, is by far my favorite!!!

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  • This post is amazing.Really, I'm so impressed-great inspiration!

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