Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Preen Dress by Elle Spain

Paris Fashionweek is always a good idea! Here my looks and hairstyles, which one is your favourite?

Partecipare alla Fashionweek di Parigi è sempre entusiasmante! Ecco i miei looks e i miei hairstyles, qual è il vostro preferito?

Chiara Ferragni | PFW | MSGM look by Sophie Mhabille Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 6Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 7Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 16 Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 2Chiara Ferragni by Maxim 1Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 4Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Chanel look by Moez Achour Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 2Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek   Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 6 Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 5 Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 14Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 9Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 4 Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 3 Chiara Ferragni by Valentina Frugiuele 1  Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 15  Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 13 Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 3 Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Nike look by Timur Emek  Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Stella look by Timur Emek Chiara Ferragni | PFW | LV look by Timur Emek Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Alexander Wang look by Valentina Frugiuele  Schermata 10-2456934 alle 12.34.33Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Alexander Wang look by Timur Emek Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 10  Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 8 Schermata 10-2456934 alle 12.34.19Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Alexander Wang look by Timur Emek 2Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 7  Chiara Ferragni | PFW | Stella look by Alix de BeerChiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 5    Chiara Ferragni by Timur Emek 1

PARIS, 27th September – 3rd October 2014

Photos by Timur Emek, Maxim SapozhnikovValentina FrugiueleMoez Achour, Julien HekimianAlix de BeerSophie Mhabille,  Jacopo Raule,  Tatler MagazineElle Spain, Luiza Ferraz, Vogue Germany

176 Responses to “All my PFW looks”

  • Your looks are perfect . se vi va andate a visitare il mio blog
    if you like to go visit my blog

    Reply to Vincenzo
  • Amazing looks! So inspiring and so different but every single one is on point

    Reply to Anita

    what´s with Your chic style?
    You are becoming so underground.. that´s disgusting 🙁

    Reply to Alina

    The Yellow look !

    I love you chiara !

    Visti my blog:

    Reply to Lidia

    You look awsome with all this looks!
    I’m happy to see you so happy! 🙂

    Reply to Laura

    I really like the first outfit, the dress with the lips on it and the very classic one, with the black skirt. Totally enjoyed your post !

    Please stop by my blog too:

    Reply to Nadine
  • i like simple black skirt ,white blouse,and LV bag, however grey stella mccartney boots are super amazing!

    Reply to ARINA

    In questa occasione il team Redken non ha osato molto con i tuoi capelli (che, a proposito, sono bellissimi!) e tu hai preferito scarpe basse e sportive e questa scelta non mi fa impazzire, soprattutto perché con certi vestiti il tacco ci stava! Detto questo, il mio look preferito è quello camicetta bianca+gonna nera…LV giusto?!
    Un bacione 🙂

    Reply to Federica

    Simple white shirt, black skirt. Classic – elegant – everything that is Paris.

    Reply to Lynda

    I love it! im in loveee with your fendi and louis vuitton bag !!! i also liked your sport outfit with your chanel bag 🙂

    Reply to Nora Julet
  • Lips dress my favorite. I love the addition of a red lip, cat eye sunglasses, and mary janes. Also love the platforms with stars! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Reply to Kristen Keller

    Sporty Nike look is the most eye catching for me as it’s just something you don’t expect to see during fashion week, especially chic Paris! Brave and lovely!

    Reply to JLu
  • I adore your colourful Chanel outfit! That clutch is to die for. Love your posts, you always manage to inspire me and make me smile at the end of the day. xxx

    Reply to Ornella Sacré
  • I absolutely adore the yellow flowy dress with the sneakers. It’s girly yet sporty, you could wear the outfit at any occasion. I also love the black and white outfit with the airy long sleeved shirt and the short shirt. The colors compliment each other and it looks fabulous on you! You look like a runway model strutting her stuff down the street.

    Reply to Natasa Spasic
  • Wow, all awesome photos! I love the yellow outfit and the one with the little Louis Vuitton bag. The bag is heaven!!

    Reply to (Red) Sonja
  • Absolutely love all your looks…especially the lips dress!

    Reply to Melissa
  • wow, you are making this very hard chiara!! after much humming and hawing, i’m going to say…

    the pop art print turtleneck dress with the wide belt, sneaks & no 5 clutch!

    runner up: the yellow 2-piece

    side note: i know someone who just got married in that lipstick frock!

    Reply to becky hutner

    Your New York Fashion Week looks are still my favorite, but there are some awesome looks here. I usually don’t like a strapless dress on you as you have a long torso and a small bosom so they don’t always fit well, but the lip dress makes you look like an Italian movie star right off the set at Cinecitta! I love the embellished coat dress, very elegant but I’d have preferred a more delicate shoe as the coat as such volume, it became a bit clunky with the heavy brogue. The yellow Preen dress is adorable, you can tell that you were having fun wearing it. The only two I wasn’t crazy about were the super athletic look (where it appeared that you came directly from a SoulCycle class according to one critic) and the varsity sweater with the crop top and fluffy skirt – I liked all the pieces, just not all together. Now — how about a post featuring your makeup magician Nikki? I’m sure your readers would love to learn more about how she creates such glowing gorgeous looks to go with all your marvelous outfits! She’s your unsung heroine!

    Reply to Anon

    The simple black skirt with the white shirt is the best. I would have chosen the one with the blue handbag, which looks gorgeous in the photo of your torso only. But the skirt spoils it. The only one which is really bad is the fifth and ninth from the bottom. Those yellow zigzags are so…

    Reply to

    The lip and yellow dress are the best for me!

    Reply to Natalia

    I love it all! I reconize few friends on the pictures which are Street Style photographers 🙂 Maybe I should send you the photos I took of you during Chanel and Valentino.

    Reply to Eve
  • My favorite is the colorful dress with the sneakers!! But you looked great in all the looks! Great pictures!




    Reply to Kárin

    Love all !! but the fav one is Chanel total look <3

    Reply to PATT
  • I love your Chanel look so much! It is so feminine, colorful, girly and fun! Then of course the black and white outfit, because I am a big fan of classic looks! The look with the sportsbra is so creative, innovative and fun! I also like the skirt paired with the crop top and oversized sweater, very playful! That’s fashion! 😉
    xx, Marky

    Reply to Marky
  • Uno schianto chiara!

    My blog is now available in all languages of the world, do you know?
    BABYWHATSUP.COM, there’s a new giveaway page, I’m waiting for you!

    Reply to alice
  • All the looks are stunning and you looj fab in absolutely all of them!! Love the lips dress, and it’s hard to choose, but if I had to I would go for the Chanel total look with that stunning colourful dress, bag, and then trainers! Love all the colours and textures!! 😉


    Reply to Whitney V
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