I’ve always been a skinny jeans lover: a year ago I used to hate any other kind of trousers. Then, all of a sudden, my wish to try new combinations brought me to try on a pair of harem pants, and something changed. I started to enjoy and then to feel in love with patterned trousers, always wanting to fit new ones in my wardrobe and in my everyday outfits.
One of those rare days of sun in Milan had to be celebrated: that’s why I decided It was time to wear the new Ki6 who are you? trousers you all asked me about after the Instagram photo and my favourite pair of wedges.

Da sempre sono amante dei jeans skinny: fino a un anno fa storcevo il naso quando pensavo ad un altro tipo di pantalone, che nel mio armadio non era proprio contemplato. Poi, all’improvviso, la voglia di sperimentare nuove combinazioni mi ha portata al primo paio di harem pants, e qualcosa in quel momento è cambiato. Ho cominciato ad apprezzare, fino ad arrivare addirittura ad amare i pantaloni a fantasia, cercandone di tutti i tipi e provando ad indossarli in mix sempre diversi.
Uno dei rari giorni di sole a Milano andava festeggiato a dovere: eccomi quindi indossare i nuovi pantaloni a fantasia di Ki6 who are you? di cui tutti voi mi avete chiesto info dopo la foto su Instagram e le mie zeppe preferite.


I was wearing:


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    where can i get those prada wedges please?

    Reply to Diane
  • Love those pants! very cute!

    check out my blog, new post in from yesterday and new one in tomorrow

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    where is your boyfriend???

    Reply to m
  • I love silk trousers on you, you can pull them off for sure, and paired with the black wedge is unexpected but very chic. Normally most ppl would pair them with pointy toe pumps or sandals, but wedges work so well, i had no idea 🙂 thanks for the inspiration.

    P.s i was in Milano last week and was constantly searching for you..haha wish i had bumped into you


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  • Amazing!!! I love those pants. It’s so great when you fall in love with an item of clothing you usually wouldn’t wear.

    Love from South Africa

    It must have been amazing. What a cultural experience. I’m heading to Bali with my sister at the end of the year. Too excited!!!

    Love from South Africa


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    Those are so fun! I’m mostly a skinny pant girl myself. Maybe I will give something new a try.

    Reply to Sam
  • Those pants and shoes are PERFECT! Always amazing posts =) inspirational


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  • I used to not like trousers because they seemed too “mature”. But now I’m just loving them! Maybe I got old. lol. There really are so many awesome patterned, tight, loose, etc trousers out there! Such a huge variety to choose from. Btw, those sunnies are super awesome and I swear Prada makes the best looking wedges for some reason. 😀


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    I love your poses, absolutely adorable 🙂

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  • You look gorgeous,dear! Really love your trousers and your wedges- they look amazing on you <3

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    quanto sei noiosa…..ispiri solo noia ormai.

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    Great pants, love the tuxedo stripe. Love this whole look except…you knew there had to be an exception, right?…I don’t like an ankle strap shoe with a pant (or jean) that is tight around the ankle. A sling back, closed back mule, or sandal would be sleeker.

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  • Mi piacerebbe provarli, ma ho paura che ingrassino! Nonostante io porti una 38 mi vedo sempre abbastanza piena con le fantasie!

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    trousers, bag, wedges, shirt are really great pieces…
    …but not together!!! honey, could you please stop mixing unmixable things? pleeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The last photo is so so funny!!!
    I love this outfit, beautiful pants print and amazing sunnies!!!
    U grooving amazing!!!

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    Adoro questo look!!!! E cosi semplice, ma allo stesso tempo particolare. Poi io adoro questi top un po’ larghi. Davvero un outfit easy-chic! Brava!!

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  • Bellissimo outfit! Adoro i pantaloni e gli occhiali da sole!

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    i’ve always loved skinny jeans AND leggins too!, but guess this spring we need to part them aside.. trusers like yours with nice /strange patterns are everywhere!!!

    Reply to karla

    A me i pantaloni a fantasia piacciono ma devono essere comunque skinny e belli aderenti!
    Questi non sono male e l’abbonamento con accessori e maglia tutti neri ci sta!

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  • Nice pants and wedges but maybe I would have combined them with different accessories.

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    l’ultima foto alla Cara Delevigne e’ proprio top hihihihhih ,ha messo una foto su IG con le sopraciglia blu…..aspettiamo le tue!!

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  • Chiara i must say that i’m a skinny jeans lover too but that trousers you’re wearing are really amazing.:D
    Anyway isn’t it a little bit cold for wedges? I think it’s the fashion blogger syndrome, we always want to use our new things, it doesn’t matter how cold it is, isn’t it?:) Here in Portugal the weather is much warmer than in Milan and we are not able to use sandals right now if we don’t want to get a flu ..the spring hasn’t really arrived.:s But you know i loved the look.:)


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    I liked this zara shirt! Is it from the currently collection?

    Reply to Laura
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