If I had to think about someone I shared everything with, that’s Angie. We met around 10 years ago and I always considered him to be my best friend, because he really knows me deeply, more than anyone else. He witnessed all changes in my life and was always there for me, now and during the times I didn’t even dream about having this job. He was the first to join the team, we went on a lot of travels together and shared some of the most beautiful and hard experiences. I feel very lucky to have him by my side and he’s one of the people I love most in the world. <3

Chiara is wearing Calvin Klein Even Watch For Her and Angelo is wearing Calvin Klein Even Watch For Him.

Hair and makeup: Manuele Mameli
Photographer: Lorenzo Sampaolesi
Photographer assistants: Alessio Tirapani & Marco Vignati
Special thanks to Palazzo Parigi Hotel, member of Leading Hotels Of The World.

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