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Hi Girls, I have just looked curiously among some proposals of Amazon BuyVIP, Amazon’s shopping club, and I have selected 3 items among the ones in promotion this week for you 🙂

Buongiorno ragazze ho nuovamente curiosato tra le proposte di Amazon BuyVIP, lo shopping club di Amazon ed ho selezionato tre articoli tra quelli in promozione questa settimana per voi 🙂

As first item I chose a Custo Barcelona shirt: colourful and perfect to give that extra touch to a monocromatic look.

Come primo articolo ho scelto una camicia di Custo Barcelona: colorata e perfetta per dare quel tocco in più ad un look monocolore.


As second item I chose a ring from Breil: I love wearing rings as you have probably seen on the blog. This is precious but tiny, to be worn by itself or with other rings.

Come secondo articolo ho scelto un anello di Breil: come avrete notato dal blog adoro gli anelli. Questo modello è particolare pur essendo molto portabile, sia da solo che abbinato ad altri anelli.


As third piece I chose a HQ fard: probably one of the only makeup treats I daily use to give a little bit of colour to my pale cheeks 🙂

Come terzo articolo ho scelto un fard di HQ: probabilmente uno dei pochi trucchi che uso quotidianamente per dare un po’ di colore alle mie guance altrimenti troppo pallide 🙂

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What you have to do to take part of this special sales is register for free here and become member of the club.
Great shopping!

Per non perdere queste ed altre occasioni basta registrarsi gratuitamente a questo link e diventare soci del club.
Buono shopping!

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    .. up to now. Thanks very much for this article. It was
    a little hard to locate, especially because it’s helpful. Is the big g getting awful with their search engine results or what? I literally saw 7 youtube videos before I got something related to my actual subject. It’s becoming pathetic!

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    You look awsome in first picture. I like your hair style

    Reply to Nazanin

    Your makeup in the first pic looks fabulous !!!

    Reply to Wale

    Which red lipstick do you wear on the first pic? It looks so fresh and great!

    Reply to Paola

    Ciao chiara!!! In una tua foto su instagram in cui sei con una tua amica… Indossavi una camicia nera di seta penso con delle pailettes sul colletto!! È troppo bellaaa!!! Mi dici di che marca è?? Grazie mille!!!

    Reply to Annacarla
  • Bellissime scelte Chiara.Nella prima foto indossi di nuovo il rossetto arancione.Mi ispira a comprarmene uno :)…XO

    Reply to JASMINA

    ahahahahahah certo perchè di solito usi solo il fard e il mascara eh.. ahahah ma per favore

    Reply to Francesca

    You look great! I especially love your expression and your hairdo! I would be happy if you could post how you did this hairstyle!! Love, Trishelle

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    I love the shirt you are wearing.


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  • This ring is gorgeous..
    Thanks for showing!

    ♥, Nina

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  • I love the second shirt. The floral one. So so pretty!

    Hi! I’m an editor @ hipshops.com

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