It happened again: for the third time I had the chance to attend one of the most anticipated shows of the year, the Victoria’s Secret one, this time even with a better experience flying with the angels on their private jet from New York to London. Waiting for the show to air tomorrow here are some shots of that magic backstage.

E’successo di nuovo: per la terza volta ho avuto la possibilita’ di assistere ad uno degli show piu aspettati dell’anno, quello di Victoria’s Secret, questa volta godendomi anche il volo in private jet da New York a Londra con tutti gli angels. In attesa del live dello show domani ecco alcune foto del magico backstage.

3U5A1873 3U5A1884 3U5A18933U5A2019 3U5A19023U5A2595 3U5A1937 3U5A1945 3U5A1953 3U5A20053U5A1909 3U5A2047 3U5A2048 3U5A2061 3U5A2148 3U5A2151 3U5A2164 3U5A2221 3U5A22293U5A1869 3U5A2231 3U5A2238 3U5A2276 3U5A22893U5A2052 3U5A2295Schermata 12-2456996 alle 12.48.43 3U5A2321 3U5A2383 3U5A2407 3U5A1957Schermata 12-2456996 alle 12.50.54 3U5A24893U5A1876 3U5A2502Schermata 12-2456996 alle 12.49.033U5A2404 3U5A25083U5A2469 3U5A2525LONDON DECEMBER 2nd 2014

Photos by Andrew Arthur

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    They all look attractive, but appearance is just one side of the many-sided human life. What they really are is hidden under layers of pretence and make-up.

    Reply to valentin antonov

    Such gorgeous shots!

    Reply to melissa
  • the upside down make up corner is awesome! great idea and it’s wonderful to have an insight on the backstage life of such a huge event!

    Reply to nicola
  • I wish I get to see the show live some day! And hang out in backstage too of course 😀

    Reply to Pinja
  • Such an amazing experience to be working there 🙂
    The backstage looks awesome and these VS models are freaking beautifull <3


    Reply to Chrisylla Octavia
  • Even at my work my colleagues went to the parade of VS for our channel… damn, I wanted to go so much but instead I was in the office!
    What an experience to discover the backstage of the world’s sexiest fashion show!

    Reply to EFFENSHION

    so cool shoots


    Reply to marina
  • I’m 100% sure Candice is not human hahah she is perfect! Great photos 🙂


    Reply to Maja

    Chiara, you are so lucky!!! and once again those photos are absolutely 100% amazingg!! really love the combination between black-white and pink color

    Reply to PATT

    Veramente a me non frega nulla di VS e dello show ma c’è da dire che sono bellissime!!

    Reply to kate
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