Some experiences in life are so intense that they trigger a shock to the system. Unexpectedly, at one point, everything is suddenly upside down, all certainties disappear, all nuances gone, from white to black, and from black to white. A white shock hits you like an espresso in the morning, like an unexpected floral note in an intense, intoxicating perfume. A black shock strikes you like a blinding gaze, framed by maximum-volume lashes.

This YSL Beauty capsule collection includes two products that will leave you speechless: a new signature fragrance, and a new, amazing mascara. Both of them will be hard to forget, after you try them the first time.

The perfume comes as an evolution of the Black Opium line, in its Floral Shock version. The note you don’t expect hits you right at the heart, followed by the white shock of flowers of the same color, especially gardenias and orange blossoms. This fragrance is so fresh that it will be a shock to your senses, and it will free your mind, while staying irresistible.

The Volume Effet Faux Cils The Shock mascara comes in a new edition, a black shock for your look, with an innovative volume-enhancing formula and an original shade of black that was never seen before. One layer is enough to give you eyelashes blacker than black, free of any clumps, making your lashes look more intense and vastly longer: strictly to be worn on your higher and lower lashes, to create a unique frame for your eyes.

Are you ready for The Shock?

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