Greece 4

Photo diary of the three days spent in Athens for my Madame Figaro cover and to celebrate, together with my greek friends, the 20th anniversary of the magazine 🙂

Diario fotografico dei miei tre giorni ad Atene per la mia cover di Madame Figaro e per celebrare insieme ai miei amici greci i 20 anni del magazine 🙂

Greece 5Schermata 12-2457004 alle 18.36.17 Greece 2Greece 7Schermata 12-2457004 alle 18.37.32 Greece 6Greece 11Greece 10 Greece 8Greece 19Greece 9Greece 24 Greece 20 Greece 21 Greece 22Greece 25 Greece 14 Greece 13Greece 17Greece 23Greece 28Greece 12 Greece 27 Greece 26 Greece 15Greece 16I was wearing:


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102 Responses to “Athens photo diary”

    And… Did you manage to sleep on a COCO-MAT bed?!? They said it’s amazing….

    Reply to Martina
  • Love your style. Looks like a great trip. I’ve been to Greece twice in my life. It looks like you’ve accomplished a lot in 3 days.

    Check out my brand new blog at:

    Reply to FashionCrumbs
  • Beautiful as always! Love the edgy travel look. I went Athens many years ago. The pics from the balcony bring back so many memories….such a beautiful country
    The Doctor Diva

    Reply to Carly

    Such fabulous photos!

    Reply to Melissa

    Chiara you are a role model for me. You are stunning and gorgeous.
    Lots of love from Argentina

    Reply to Rose

    It is amazing how GORGEOUS you look in these photos!!
    I bet AA didn’t take them…right? He never can capture this beauty.

    Reply to MissP
  • Gorgeous outfit! I love the Louis Vuitton pieces you are wearing.
    You look stunning.


    Reply to Avanti
  • I don’t have words t describe the Louis Vuitton total look, it’s absolutely amazing. The dress is really original and sexy, the color is beautiful and it’s just Louis Vuitton. These panties are different and they don’t match with the resto of the look but they created an ecletic effect, I like it. Love these leather pants. Louis Vuitton is the best brand ever

    Reply to Miss Key
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