Combed hair, skinny jeans, leather jacket and Balenciaga bag: here I am back home, in the version of me you know the most.
I hope I was able to show you a different side of me thanks to the Uganda trip from last week, and I hope to be able in the future to show you other sides of my personality which are sometimes hard to express on the web. We’ll see 🙂
Tomorrow I’m leaving again to a very different place, want to come with me?
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Capelli pettinati, jeans aderenti, giacca di pelle e borsa Balenciaga: eccomi tornata a casa, nella versione di me che più conoscete. Spero di avervi fatto in qualche modo scoprire una Chiara diversa grazie al viaggio appena trascorso in Uganda, e spero di riuscire in futuro a mostrarvi altri lati del mio carattere e della mia personalità che spesso sono difficili da esprimere sul web. We’ll see 🙂
Domani si riparte verso una meta decisamente diversa, venite con me?
P.S: Da oggi potete trovare nel widget di fianco la mia nuova selezione di prodotti per BuyVIP (basta iscriversi al sito per usufruire degli sconti). Buono shopping!



243 Responses to “Back home”

  • It was deifinitely a different side and I loved it! Talking about fashion always makes people come across a little materialistic, although that might not be the case. Going to Uganda and sharing these last posts shows it's definitely not the case with you! 🙂

    The White Studio

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  • aaa this is you chiara! i've missed the fashion-so-lady back! 🙂 can't wait for your next update of where you'll go!

    Reply to Nava
  • lovely combination of the leather jacket and white balenciaga, you have such a nice oersonality showing the people that there are still people in the world who suffer and who do not care about the brand clothes but mainly are concerned about getting the food and education, many of them are here and we can help to change the world .


    Reply to Lucy L.
  • Ma sì, dai ripartiamo, mi sono molto piaciuti i tuoi post africani!

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    After this trip, you look me a better person than before.

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  • Congrats on all your work with the Millenium Project, such a great initiative! Loved all your photos, and love seeing the fashion industry reaching out to help people in need.
    Lovely outfit here, the t-shirt is so cute! 🙂

    B x

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  • ohh!! new outfit after so many days…. i really missed you!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Reply to cath

    Chiara come mai non avevi il love bracelet in uganda? è uns semplice curiosità 🙂 i posto comunque erano bellissimi e a quello che ha scritto "vedo che non hai perso tempo" vorrei dire che le cose brutte del mondo ci sono e ci saranno sempre..chiara è tornata a casa quindi doveva pur vestirsi o no? -.- mhà fatto di continuare a pubblicare outfit non toglie niente all impegno preso in uganda -.-

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  • Those shoes look like so much fun, I totally dig them :). And the t-shirt is adorable – so it the vest :).
    I'm really happy that you showed the other side of yourself to us readers. I agree – it's hard to do it over the web, but you made it :).


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  • your trip looked amazing, and so did you the whole time but i bet its good to be back to your creature comforts too^^.. love the outfit!

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    belissime le scarpe, molto particolari! Molto carina anche la giacca!Sinceramente trovo la stampa della maglia un pò inquietante…non ti si addice!Meravigliosa la Balenciaga.Aspetto con ansia di scoprire la prossima meta!

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  • I used to be a luxury lover, I never reached your level nor was able to afford the amount of clothes and other nice things you have but still, i knew one day i would. Then when i was fifteen i got a scholarship and spent two years in rural India by myself, studying, developing cooperation projects and advising local NGOs. When i was back in Europe i was still a luxury lover but in a different kind of way. Id still pay for a good meal, a good experience, a good trip… My question is, after your trip, how is it possible for you to wear a watch that could pay for a month school's food supply in Uganda? How are you going to feel the next you enter a boutique and expend a ridicoulous amount of money in a pair of shoes? I'm eager to know.

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  • Quelle scarpe sono fantastiche!!! s. secondo me stai benissimo anche con i capelli natural!!


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    I NEED that tshirt!!!
    It is the coolest shirt ever!
    Where do I find it??
    HELP, please!!!!!

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  • Love your wedges! Safe travels


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    Wow Chiara, you look amazing! Love the combination and simply ADORE the shoes!

    Reply to Julie

    Mi piace l'outfit, semplice ma efficace.

    Vai a Firenze?
    Spero di sì!

    Un bacio

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  • absolutely love your jacket:) great look!!


    Reply to Leonor

    I think it's difficult for a fashion blogger to express other realities of his personality, the fashion world is often synonymous of vanity. But i think that you're currently one of the bloggers with more influence, you get into many homes around the world. So i think it´s very important that people like you show us proyects like this, to make people aware of the problems of our world.

    Btw: i love the print of ur t-shirt 🙂

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  • Wow, those shoes are amazing! and I like both versions of you 🙂 you look beautiful in any outfit you wear 🙂

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  • la versione semplice di chiara,ci piace molto:)
    quella balenciaga l'adoro:)
    cmq magari a poter venire con te*__* chissà dove vai..ehehehe:) cmq buon biaggio e nn vedo l'ora dei aggiornamenti:)

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  • So so pretty, love the top! And those shoes are just amazing! x

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  • These shoes look amazing..and you are so beautiful!! 🙂 Love your style!

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  • OMG I'm completely obsessed with your jacket, and the heels are stunning!! Xx

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  • Lovely pics! I love your hair here! I don't know if I'm mistaken but it seems that you dyed them. Love the color! It suits you really well.

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  • I really liike the shoes!
    The Cat and bird t-shirt is kind of weirding me out. I can't decide if I like it or not??? But that is probably just because I am not a massive cat fan. 🙂

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    the shoes are stunning!!! and you are so beautiful!!!

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  • OMG, i like everything : your wedges, your jacket, your shirts, and your bag for sure:)

    Reply to Pauline

    una chiara meno superficiale dirai!!..bahhh rimani sempre la stessa

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  • the tee is awesome!

    ? ThankFifi

    p.s. you never have to worry that we only see one side of you – your genuine character comes across in your photos and writing – this is why you have so many fans.x

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