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From Milan to Mexico to Los Angeles: I’m back in my favourite city, where I was welcomed by a warm sun, 25° weather, the yummiest salads in the world (and The Blonde Salad loves them) and the most romantic yet gloomy sunsets I’ve ever seen, exactly in the spirit of this place which keeps inspiring me.
In my suitcase I kinda only packed sweaters and jeans, but I couldn’t avoid wearing one of the new Styligion dresses that I was keeping for a beautiful day like the one from yesterday. What about it?

Da Milano al Messico a Los Angeles: sono di nuovo nella mia città preferita, dove sono stata accolta da un sole caldo, una media di 25°, le insalate più gustose del mondo (e The Blonde Salad ne va ghiotta) ed i tramonti più romantici ed allo stesso tempo malinconici a cui abbia mai assistito, proprio nello spirito di questo luogo che non finisce mai di stupirmi.
In valigia ho quasi solo felpe e jeans, ma come primo look non potevo che indossare uno dei nuovi vestiti di Styligion che conservavo per una bella giornata come quella di ieri. Vi piace?

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I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

244 Responses to “Back in Los Angeles”

    I adore the cut out style of that dress! You are always stunning. Been reading most of your posts lately and they are all wonderful. Welcome back to LA, by the way!


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    stai benissimo qui! Abito ed accessori azzeccatissimi! Ma non hai bisogno che te lo dica io!! 🙂

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    ma le straniere non ne capiscono nulla di vestiti…è terrificante pure su di te quel vestito!!!

    Reply to ilaria

    O mio Dio! Era un po’ che non guardavo il tuo blog…ma ti sei rovinata di tatuaggi… Lo sai che la pelle te la porti dietro fin che scampi?

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  • Love love LOVE the dress !! and you’re so lucky to be in LA, I live in montreal and it’s -25° out here ! 🙁

    Lauren Conrad’s outfits, Robert Pattinson for Dior and much more !!!

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  • Love the skirt! It is minus 26 celcius in Chicago. So jealous!


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  • This is actually a rad dress! So far I’m loving this look from your others from this year… it’s so fun and flirty! That’s cool that you went with the Celine sandals instead! LOVE them tons!




    Reply to Stephanie

    You look amazing!

    HEY! I will be so happy to see you on SALTYSTORM.
    Check out my outfits, lifestyle photos and music, subscribe here and stay updated.

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    Love love LOVE the mini Prada bag! One of the cutest mini bags I’ve seen in a while!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Chiara, it was so nice to meet you yesterday in WeHo.

    Enjoy your time in LA,

    best regards.

    Reply to Pauline

    Ciao Chiara 🙂 Partendo dal presupposto che il vestito ti sta benissimo e che ti ammiro sin dagli inizi …. Queste foto non mi piacciono per niente … Ti percepisco “finta”, forzata … E nei tuoi occhi continuo a vedere un tale grigio … Impressione mia? Buon tutto Chiara, continua così …. e divertiti!

    Reply to Claudia

    Abito e borsa perfetti!!!


    Reply to Lilla

    Chiara- you look fantastic! wow! M

    Reply to M

    Pretty dress, I wish it was that warm here in europe 🙁

    Reply to Elle

    Ciao ad essere sincera il vestito non mi fa impazzire ce ne sono stati di migliori nonostante non lo gradisca ti sta bene. Un bacio Alice

    Reply to Alice

    Ciao cara Chiara Ferragni.
    Come hai fatto ad arrivare così in alto?
    Come hai fatto a conquistare molti followers? Sarà stato un bel colpo di fortuna?
    Io sogno da tanti anni di poter entrare nel mondo della moda e non smetterò mai di sognare!!
    Un abbraccio forte!


    Reply to Elisabetta Rossi

    was a nice, really nice girl …
    just some kinda pincher just crush her …

    do i should feel sorry ? nnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    nevermind, once u’ ll be real one …

    mean it, can’ t stand “parents” that can’ t evaluate, what their children lives, and give them …

    So, just think of it a second, do you really think i’ m gonna lose control, and let an unborn yet decide for myself ?

    however, nice dress, nice belt and nice everything, but please, think of it twice …

    Even you just wanna give a smile, and leave a message like, future is coming, have a seat keep calm, stay quiet someone will drive, …

    Please, i’m not that king, your serenity …

    i’ m just that nobody, what was the name ?

    don’ t ask ever again about the geographic museum, don’ t even know where are theses islands, nor highlands, nor what was the purpose ?

    are u a kinda new drog ?

    sorry, hang on a second …

    where were we ?

    don’t care,i’ m stupid …

    i’m back on my byke !

    ciao !

    Reply to larie brice

    I used to love love love your style before, but ever since u started dating Andrew, I think your style has evolved to become more like Zanita’s, more scater/sporty/american. I really do not like it. Plus I feel like you don’t care about the blog anymore. Before, you used to write with enthusiasm. Now it reads very forced. Not exciting at all. It is mostly “Today I’m wearing Styliogn dress and Chiara Ferragni shoes”. If you have time, scroll back to your old posts and read it from a readers point of view. It was personal, relatable and very attractive. Now it is very dull and forced. I really prefer to read what Kayture has to say now. I hope you take this into consideration, because you are one of my favourite bloggers.

    Reply to Nina

    You could make a burlap sack look good, but I’m not a fan of that dress. It just looks too busy, too many ideas at once. Cute photos of you though!

    Reply to Anon

    le insalate più gustose del mondo?!?!? ma ti rendi conto delle scemenze che proferisci?

    Reply to Lucrezia

    you’re right this dress is so cute! <3
    visit my blog

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  • Gorgeous dress!

    >a href=”http://justaddcakeuk.blogspot.co.uk/”>JUSTADDCAKE

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  • Glad you were able to get away to relax not work. Love the flare in the bottom of your dress.



    Reply to Sofia

    Hi. Looking good. Where is the bag from. I love it

    Reply to naraaa

    I adore these colors mixed on you!



    Reply to Chrissie

    Sembrano vestiti diversi in uno soloo xd..è molto particolare come vestito….mi raccomando aggiornaci spesso 😉

    Reply to Floriana
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