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After two weeks between Seoul and New York here I am back in Milan, where I will be able to stay for ten days now for some jobs and the unavoidable fashionweek.
I know, I still have so many photos and memories from New York to share with you (I hope my Instagram profile gives you the right taste of my life in real time) but today I felt like publishing this look that I shot in Milan, and that shows my mood and style inspiration of these last days: a clean and easy outfit rich of details which make it cool enough.
The tshirt is from Lauren Moshi, Los Angeles based artist that I had the chance to know about during my last stay there. Her project started with limited edition art pieces and then she started recreating some of her iconic prints on this comfortable tshirts. I couldn’t resist to this one 🙂

Dopo due settimane in giro tra Seoul e New York eccomi di nuovo a Milano, dove questa volta mi fermerò una decina di giorni per qualche lavoro e per l’immancabile fashionweek.
Lo so, ho ancora tantissime foto e ricordi di New York da condividere con voi (spero il mio profilo di Instagram sia sempre il giusto assaggio in tempo reale) ma oggi mi andava di pubblicare questo look scattato proprio a Milano, che rispecchia moltissimo il mio mood e la mia ispirazione nello stile dell’ultimo periodo: un outfit pulito e semplice ma ricco di dettagli che lo rendono cool al punto giusto.
La tshirt è di Lauren Moshi, artista di Los Angeles che ho avuto modo di conoscere durante il mio ultimo soggiorno li. Il suo progetto e’ partito con opere d’arte in edizione limitata, e nell’ultimo periodo ha cominciato a ricreare alcune delle sue stampe più famose su queste comodissime tshirt. Io non ho resistito a questo modello 🙂

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I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

188 Responses to “Back in Milano”

    Sbaglio o quelle scarpe rosse non sono del tuo numero??

    Reply to Anna
  • The black leather jacket and the red shoes are great together!

    Reply to Lola
  • So casual yet so much character. I like the way you paired it with a touch of red and the ever famous Boy Chanel =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    love reading your blog, It’s very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that 🙂
    anyway, would you mind to follow each other?


    Reply to ollyvia laura
  • U stay in Milan for 10 consecutive days only. U travel so much… nice outfit!

    Reply to Silvyp

    Ciao Chiara! Dov’eri in queste foto? Al Corvetto?

    Reply to Nicoletta

    Sei tirata, pelle sporca capelli sfibrati. Riposati e prenditi un ricostituente! eli

    Reply to elena
  • i love the shoes and the t shirt 😀


    Reply to luna

    love your outfit!
    but the heels don’t seem to fit, they look cheap which they’re obviously not..

    Reply to fleur

    You are so beautiful! I look at you and admire! 😉

    Reply to Daria
  • Love the relaxed outfit! I read your blog regularly and was wondering who is taking your photos…

    Reply to Effie

    Mi piace tutto.. Tranne le scarpe 🙁 avrei preferito delle sneakers o qualcosa di più rock

    Reply to Michi

    If the tee shirt was just the lips, I’d love it. The cigarette just ruins it for me. I hope this is the only way you’re smoking these days.

    Reply to Anon

    Ciao Chiara! Ti ammiro molto per il tuo stile e l’originalità che aggiungi ad ogni tuo outfit!! Vorrei sapere se martedì parteciperai alla VFNO.

    Reply to Cecilia
  • I need that bag, and I’m in love with your hair! Great photos, you looks lovely 🙂

    Reply to Emily

    sei bellissimaaa <3

    Reply to
  • As much as I love red pumps, I keep having the feeling that this pair is not absolutetly flattering for your feet, they seem to be a little bit bigger than they should…Otherwise, this is such a perfect rock-glam outfit, especially with a lobg-sleeves biker jacket it would be perfect for the auutmn weather we have these days!!! xx

    Reply to Une petite Bruxelloise
  • Thank you for your blog, because it always delightfully inspiring, effortlessly chic and brings me some inner sense of fashion. And those celine shoes would be my next must have , the perfect red ones!

    Reply to Yana

    Your outfit is amazing! I love the leather gilet!


    Reply to

    Hi Chiara, I like you a lot when you wear simple and casual looks, I find them perfect on you!
    Love your tee, it’s really cute!




    Reply to Dania

    Beautiful! I love the pants, but the heels are too big 🙂

    Reply to Luisa

    Saranno Celine….ma sono orribili e ti vengono grandi! Bocciata.

    Reply to Alessandra
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