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    The white shirt is great!

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    the shirt dress is so versatile and it suits you so well!

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    That shirt dress seems like more of a shirt than a dress, especially considering where the last button is placed. If I saw a woman wearing it on the street I’d think she forgot her pants or skirt! Maybe it’s more modest on someone who’s not quite as tall as you are! Brave girl!

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  • Look with a boxy white shirt is soooo cool, it’s an essence of original CK spirit!
    The look with a crop top seems very youththul, I guess it was the idea behind the post -to compare 2 different approaches towards CK esthetic 😉

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  • You look amazing as always! I just love this casual chic look on you. Never can go wrong with a white top.


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  • The Calvin Klein new collection is just perfect, it’s te perfect balance between classic and minimalist style. The shirt dress is absolutely amazing, the simple design looks so great with beautiful Tibi wedges. Those denim shorts are pure rock. Incredible photos
    (old misskeyblog)

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