Nothing makes me feel sexier than a naked back dress. If the dress is in leather and It is worn with flat booties and super studded jacket then.. #Igetcrazy

Niente mi fa sentire sexy quanto un abito con la schiena scoperta. Se l’abito in questione è di pelle e viene indossato insieme a stivaletti bassi e giacca iper borchiata poi.. #Igetcrazy


I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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  • This look is the perfect definition for hardcore meets sexy! The leather everything is just so tough and masculine, but nothing screams “femme fatal” better than a backless dress. The flat booties are casual and easy, while the spikes are extreme and vicious.. Love it! Gorgeous!
    Melody x

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    il look è lo stesso di Sienna Miller qualche mese fa
    hai una faccia strana in questi scatti O_O

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  • LOVE this look!! Jacket and the headband with spikes look great together with the leather dress! And those Balenciaga shoes are my favorite!!!

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  • That hairpiece is great – almost reminds me of a tiara! 🙂


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    Ciao Chiara, mi piacciono molto gli scatti. Buona serata, Alice.

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    Hai proprio ragione questo abitino in pelle ti rende davvero sexy ma non avrai esagerato con le borchie?
    This leather dress makes you look so sexy but maybe is the jacket too studded?
    Date un’occhiata al mio blog se vi va 🙂
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    that last picture from instagram, with the caia jewels is so relevant. you are so full of illuminati symbols, those tatoos: one eye; the triangles; mikey mouse – everybody knows Dysney was masonic; the world map – standing for globalization, luce – word that you often use. and u’re often covering one eye. i admired and followed you, but now i’m just sad for you, you are just their marionette. open your both eyes before is too late because it’s not worthing selling your soul. one day that expensive things you wear or that exotic trips u do won’t be enough anymore to full the abyss from your heart.

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    A modern slut does not belong to a grand ballroom.

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    Where to start? Huh? How about? You look beautiful as always Chiara. Beautiful and lovely! I loved it and I love your look!

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  • lol @ #igetcrazy ;D
    I love the backless dress, love leather <33333 I also love the HEADPIECE!!! WAY AWESOME! It's a nice twist than the other typical headpieces 😀

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  • srsly lookin hot. awsm total look. i love naked back in dresses too, it’s soo sexy !!
    rly nice shoots! 🙂

    xoxo A.

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  • Love it! The leather jacket is the bomb! 😀

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  • You look great! For me the jacket would be a little bit too much, but the dress is amazing! I love it so much. xx

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    again on leather …
    there a story i can’t remember about mices in a cream tank …

    was something about levis ant hooter …

    can’t remember was a long long time ago in far far away stuff …

    however i remember a strange stuff i’ ve seen …
    CF upper ..

    in consequence delegaf …


    cheesee there !
    or anywhere else …

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  • I love that jacket and the clash between the style of the dress and the booties! Bravo!

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    the BURBERRY LEATHER JACKET really rock~ good match, leather on leather

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    Love love love the headpiece. It’s crazy good. Hope it was a keeper, not a loaner.

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  • Me Like! 🙂
    But a open Back worn with a jacket is not the best fashion idea so far ;D

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    Stunning! The leather looks good on you!

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  • Hai ragione, sono dell’opinione che la schiena scollata è molto più sexy del “petto troppo scoperto”! Questo abito è fantastico, corto, in pelle e con maniche lunghe, la perfezione *_*
    Buona giornata e baci!


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