An epic battle in the middle of a jungle, 64 aspiring beauty vloggers and one product: Facial Essence Treatment by SK-II. Beauty Bound, a web series that encourages those who dream of creating beauty-related digital content to showcase their talent, challenging one another in a series of trials with a high content of creativity, is on its second season.

This season, Chiara, as one of the main faces of SK-II’s project Face The Wild|Face The Camera, was the chief judge of the jury that examined the work of the 9 finalists, choosing the winner in the jungle of Okinawa, Japan.

The lucky winner was Fairuz Nadia Anuar, better known as @innermaverick, from Malaysia: she won everyone’s hearts thanks to her extensive knowledge of the world of beauty, but also thanks to her incredible creativity, and her on-screen showmanship skills.

Watch the video she created for the competition after the gallery!

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