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Are you curious to discover the new products for Guerlain makeup for this spring/summer? Follow all the steps suggested here by one of the most famous makeup artists in the world and… Try it all!

Siete curiose di scoprire il nuovo makeup Guerlain per questa primavera/estate? Seguite tutti i passaggi qui consigliati da uno dei makeup artist più famosi al mondo e… Provate il tutto!

-We start the makeup applying the perfect base Base Meteorites Perles (base perfectrice anti terne). This base corrects the skin’s imperfections and gives great light to the skin. In addition it helps fixing the makeup that will be applied later.
Than we utilize a very natural foundation ‘second skin’ “Lingerie de Peau” numero 02. The idea comes from the lingerie: you can’t see it but you guess it’s there. It has to give the most natural effect possible so you might choose the same color of your skin or one tone lighter to maintain a better light of your skin. The goal is to enhance the face skin by giving it a uniform tone and erase imperfections. You might as well put the foundation with a brush.
We then apply an illuminator, Precious light numero 1, in order to erase the shade zones of the face by bringing some light. For example it is applied around the eyes and under the eyebrows or even on the chicks in order to give some volume.
We apply a make up base for the eyes in order to help lasting longer the make up that will be applied later, Ombre Eclat Base Paupieres Eye Primer.
Than we apply a powder, Les Voilettes, which is a transparent powder used to unify all the bases applied till now. In addition it also has a pleasant perfume.

-Cominciamo il trucco applicando la base Meteorites Perles, che corregge le imperfezioni della pelle e le dona lucentezza, oltre a rendere più facile tutto il processo del makeup.
Subito dopo proviamo il fondotinta naturale “Lingerie de Peau” numero 02. L’idea di questo fondotinta nasce appunto dalla lingerie: non puoi vederlo ma capisci che lo stai indossando.
Applichiamo poi un illuminatore, Precious Light numero 1, per eliminare le occhiaie e rendere tutto il viso più luminoso. Può essere anche applicato sulle guance per dare al viso più volume.
Applichiamo anche una base per gli occhi, in modo da far durare tutto il trucco più a lungo: si chiama Ombre Eclat Base Paupieres Eye Primer.


-For a Natural make up followe are the following steps:
We apply a Black eye pencil (khol me black 01) just at the base of the eyelashes so as to create a strong structure. Than with a brush we blend the black mark on the entire eyelid.
Than use an Eye shadow 501, specifically we use the light pink color, and we apply it on the entire eyelid so as to create a perfect daytime look.

-Per un makeup naturale seguite questi passaggi:
Applichiamo una matita nera (khol me black 01) alla base delle ciglia per creare una struttura forte. Poi con un pennello sfumiamo la matita nera su tutta la palpebra.
Usiamo poi Eye Shadow 501 nel colore rosa chiaro, e lo applichiamo sull’intera palpebra per creare un perfetto look da utilizzare tutti i giorni.


-For a more sophisticated look follow these steps:
We use the Eye shadow 501, specifically the purple color, and apply it more at the end of the eye leaving the eyelid closer to the nose untouched as it is yet covered with the light pink color.
By adding some gloss on the lips and mascara on the eyelashes we obtain a sophisticated but still daytime look.

-Per un trucco più sofisticato seguite questi passaggi:
Usiamo Eye Shadow 501 nel colore viola, e cominciamo ad applicarlo nella parte estrema dell’occhio.
Applichiamo un pò di gloss sulle labbra e del mascara per ottenere un look più sofisticato ma comunque utilizzabile nella vita di tutti i giorni.


-For night time make up follow these steps:
We strongly mark with a Black eye pencil (khol me black 01) the lines already drawn on the eyelids and immediately under the bottom eyelashes (without marking inside the eyes) and soften the marks with a brush in such a way to create an intense strong look.
We take the darkest color of the color pallet of the Eye shadow 501, and apply it on the entire eyelid. Hence at the end blend it all together so as to create a unique pattern.
To finalize the look we use the black mascara Cil D’infer on both the upper and bottom eyelashes and a lipstick on the lips (we chose Rouge automatique 601)
We use a blush to bring some light (we used Meteorites perles du paradis): put it more on the center of the face to give some light.
Than use some Terracotta to sculpture the face and to bring some tend to the skin (we chose Terracotta Four Season 02 naturel blondes)

-Per un trucco serale seguite questi passaggi:
Utilizziamo la matita nera (khol me black 01) per rimarcare le linee già presenti sopra le ciglia e cominciamo a marcare anche la parte inferiore dell’occhio, sfumando il tratto con un pennello per creare un look strong.
Scegliamo il colore più scuro della palette Eye Shadow 501 e lo applichiamo su tutta la palpebra, mixandolo con gli altri colori preesistenti per creare un unica tonalità.
Per il risultato finale proviamo il mascara Cil D’Infer sulle ciglia della parte superiore ed inferiore ed un rossetto sulle labbra (noi abbiamo scelto Rouge Automatique 601)
E’ consigliato l’uso di un fard per dare luce al viso (noi abbiamo usato Meteorites Perles du Paradis). Si può forse evitare di provare la Terracotta, cavallo di battaglia da sempre di Guerlain? Noi abbiamo scelto Terracotta Four Season 02 naturel blondes.


It’s a wrap 🙂 What are your thoughts about it?

Finito 🙂 Ditemi tutti i vostri pensieri!



238 Responses to “Beauty story: Guerlain makeup experience”

  • Wow…. how gorgeous is that! I didn’t realize how high quality and beautiful this make-up really is. The make-up artist has really made the selected make-up looks so so flattering on you, you look stunning! I’m so jealous that you’ve had the opportunity to get it done! x

    Reply to Shannon

    Wow, you are so beautiful! I just found your blog and I love it, the photos are awesome! I hope I will find makeup inspiration here, as I am a blonde with blue eyes.

    Reply to Oli
  • purple looks so good on you 🙂
    I’d probably choose less of the black eyeliner, but still – looks good.

    Reply to Laura

    occhio che la fotografa ora ti fa da amica…ma fino all’altro ieri sul suo profilo FB continuava a parlare male di te.
    sicuramente era invidia. Ti chiamava ferracne. ti odiava anche perchè lei di codogno ama fare compere da Cose a Cremona…e diceva che tu glielo hai dissacrato.
    Viva la coerenza…

    Reply to chiara

    Chiara, maybe because it’s fashion weeks around the globe, but your outfits for the past few months don’t show your personality anymore, none of the looks are wearable on the streets. You are a blogger, please stop being just another advertisement for brand names (that’s what models are for, no?!)

    Reply to anonim

        I agree!Since your looks aren’t wearable on the streets, I’m not so interested in this blog as before.To bad!

        Reply to Carmen
  • This is an amazing look. I loved how the purples have enhanced your eyes. Guerlain has gotten a lot of products for Spring and each product is like piece de resistance…

    Reply to Neeraj

    you’re super gorgeous in this make up!!; )

    Reply to annis

    you look TOTALLY stunning!I can never fix my mascara thing.But it’ll be better if u r in clothes fitting your makeup

    Reply to Isabella0629
  • I love the evening look on you! wish I can get the same smoke effect on my almond asian eyes… 🙂

    Reply to Janet

    This make up is so pretty! And the phots are really good,

    Reply to Isabell

    É il trucco più bello che ti abbiano mai fatto!! Perfetto!

    Reply to GiuliaC

    I wish you wouldnt photoshop/retouch your pictures!

    Reply to Bianca

    I wish you wouldnt photoshop/retouch the pictures!

    Reply to

    Beautiful! I’d like to learn how to do it

    Reply to Karla

    Again, this is gorgious! Second time I comment, but I feel sorry to have criticized your choices lately, I just hope it is constructive and friendly 🙂 You deserve to look your best every day in every way, natural, sophisticated, funny or sensual!

    Reply to Clochette

    Now THIS is nice! See? So much better than those heavy electric blues or dark lipstick that don’t work for you! This is a nice way to do sophisticated for you without hiding your features!

    Reply to Clochette
  • You look so so sooo gorgeous! I like that you never use a lot of make up, always very natural and then you surprise us with something like this.

    Reply to Cynthia
  • Chiara what is your mascara??? it is wonderful, please answer 🙂

    Reply to Ambre

    il rossetto non lo hai nominato… per piacere dicci il numero…

    Reply to ida

    beautiful!! such a pretty purple eye shadow! 🙂

    Reply to Kay
  • …bellissimo trucco…bellissime sfumature!!!…ottimi i prodotti guerlain…adoro le perle meteorites ed il profumo!!!
    …un bacione…lu!!!

    Reply to lu beautylove

    Beautiful make up, you should make it more often

    Why don’t u reply to our comments anymore ? You must certainly have a lot of things to do but isn’t the blog your priority ?

    Reply to M
  • Anche io uso da un po’ di tempo guerlain, in particolare adoro lingerie de peau!!
    Lo adoro.. costerà anche un po’ di più rispetto a quello a cui ero abituata prima.. ma adesso non riesco proprio a farne a meno!!!

    Pubblicherò un post che parlerà della mia beauty routine a breve sul mio nuovo blog per ragazze in carne!!!!! Passa se ti va!!!!

    Reply to Amanda

    great make up! i love the guerlain sun blush… couldn’t live without in summertime! – switzerland’s finest fashion and lifestyle blog
    latest post about the stunning red celine nano bag – pure love! now leaving for the mountains… need sun!

    Reply to ainjelstyle

    What is the name of this world-famous makeup artist? Really beautiful and fresh makeup. Love the day-to-evening approach. But please, dear, hire an English translator!

    Reply to Jane S

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love this make up! It looks so fabulous on you!!

    Reply to Ali Dominguez
  • wow! many thanks for that incredible guide. I actually liked it towards the core. Hope you retain posting these kinds of amazing content

    Reply to this is a test

    bellissimo il trucco…ma tu parti da una buona base!!!!
    io non ho ancora copito il concetto “sfumare”!!!!!

    Reply to michela dossi

    Ciao Chiara,

    sei davvero stupenda, adoro i tuoi occhi così espressivi.

    Bella, brava, ciaoooooo!


    Reply to Ale DM
  • Trucco molto quelle ciglia?!? Fantastiche!! Tutto merito del mascara o hai applicato anche delle ciglia finte??

    Reply to Francesca
  • Trucco molto bello…ma quelle cigliaaaa?!? Fantastiche!! Ma è tutto merito del mascara o hai applicato anche delle ciglia finte???

    Reply to Francesca

    Finalmente un bel make-up!!!!!!!questo ti sta proprio bene, quelle schifezze blu che avevi nei precedenti post erano terrificanti!

    Reply to eFFy

        concordo ! inoltre ti invecchiavano un sacco! con questo trucco sembri piu giovane rispetto a prima!

        Reply to ele

    Ecco, questo finalmente è un bel makeup…
    Mica quell’obbrobrio ombretto blu-rossetto rosso che avevi l’altro giorno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to Sarah
  • You look great without make up too but I really love this purple shades smokey eyes look. Beautiful <3



    Reply to Mira

    Hai la fortuna di essere bella quindi il trucco può solo valorizzare ancora di piu la bellezza. Trovo questo trucco molto azzeccato con il tipo di carnagione e i tuoi colori di occhi e capelli. Forse uno dei migliori trucchi che ti hanno fatto. Anche truccare e’ un’arte e questo truccatore sa davvero fare il suo mestiere.

    Reply to Monica

    I would love to see some make-up you do on your own. And the hair. In the last year I’ve only seen you with artists doing that for you. This isn’t your blog anymore, you’re a puppet for companies that need to sell their products on a pretty and skinny blonde.

    Reply to Alexandra
  • Wow that looks amazing and you look beautiful! Wish I could do my make-up like that!

    Reply to Lucy

    aww <3 Beautiful and Professional! and the model is amazing :))):)))

    Reply to Mariam
  • Gorgeous! It’s such a nice change to create a smoky eye with purple, the colour really suits you.

    Reply to Ebony
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