For Victoria’s Secret Show, with some of the sexiest girls in the world I decided to… Become a man 🙂

Per lo show di Victoria’s Secret, insieme ad alcune delle donne più sexy al mondo io ho deciso di… Diventare un uomo 🙂

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

147 Responses to “I’ll be your boy”

    Great pictures (you are beautiful girl) and great concept but the pictures don’t really represent the concept. Your look was not very androgeneous and definitely not masculine. I mean you wore heels and the sequins on the top emphasize your waist, also the makeup was very feminine if a little minimalist, and the poses were at time girly. Any way, hope I wasn’t to harsh, just friendly constructive feedback here.

    Reply to Jessica
  • In love with this look. The make up and sleek ponytail are great!

    Reply to Lena

    beautiful look….you always stand out in the most unique and positive way!!!

    PS. it’s really fun seeing your first posts….you have evolved so much…amazing work =)

    Reply to ELISA

    A boy is one thing, a man is another. When necessary, the man says no to a woman, and she follows him.

    Reply to valentin antonov

    i’d like to wear jumpsuits too if I don’t have a fat abdomen.

    Reply to kc

    Sei bellissima e molto dolce in queste foto… molto femminile anche con un look maschile !!!

    Reply to Liz

    you could say masculine look not a man because you are still an elegante woman

    Reply to Rosa

    With your face and curves… never a boy to me

    Reply to Smile51

    guarda che stai magnificamente in look mascolino!!!! anche l’atteggiamento virile ti dona! quando ci fai vedere meglio l’anello a pantera (almeno mi sembra sia quello) che ti ha regalato il moroso?

    Reply to michela

    This look is amazing !! Simple & elegant

    Reply to PATT
  • Chiara ti trovo in ogni look sempre fantastica, oltre che essere un’enorme ispirazione!

    Reply to Benn
  • You look amazing even with a man style, the jumpsuit is absolutely perfect, the details are delicate and beautiful, love the way you mixed it with these classic high heels. The earcuff is so cool and chic.

    Reply to Miss Key
  • Wonderful photos as always, you look great and this looks like a magazine editorial!
    Hannah x

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