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After a short post just after the event here I am with some other photos of what was an unforgettable night: last Sunday at the second edition of Bloglovin’ awards in New York, Andy, Carolina and I won the prize of our category, “blogger business of the year” thanks to our project Werelse, but especially thanks to you who voted everyday for us. It’s fantastic to realize I can always count on you, readers of this diary of mine, in every moment and in every adventure.
After last edition award as “newcomer of the year” I wasn’t expecting a second award and then… It all happened thanks to you!
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Dopo un mini post appena dopo l’evento eccomi qui con qualche altra foto di quella che è stata una serata indimenticabile: domenica scorsa alla seconda edizione dei Bloglovin’ awards tenutasi a New York io, Andy e Carolina abbiamo vinto il premio della nostra categoria, “blogger business of the year” grazie al nostro progetto Werelse, ma soprattutto grazie a voi che ci avete votate ogni giorno.
E’ fantastico sapere di poter contare su di voi, lettori di questo mio diario, in ogni momento ed avventura.
Dopo l’award della scorsa edizione come “newcomer of the year” proprio non mi aspettavo un secondo premio ed invece… Tutto grazie a voi!
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  • congratulations! this seems like a such an amazing opportunity and you look beautiful. How do you balance school with your busy life?

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  • Cograts to you three! I´ve just visited werelse and I really like it! I´d love to be there and meet Olivia Palermo too.


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    Congratulations to all of you girls!! It's an amazing project and you deserved the award!!!

    My Sweet Pearls


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    Congratulation! Pero' sarebbe interessante leggere anche chi ha vinto nelle altre categorie!

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    Ma è vero che il ragazzo di Carolina è a capo di Fashiolista?
    L'ho letto sulla pagina delle avvilite, ti ho difeso ma loro continuano a dire che è così!
    E' la verità?

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Grazie a tutti quanti, è tutto merito vostro!
    No anonimo, Mattias è uno dei membri di Bloglovin', e non è mai stato un segreto. Che si informino meglio invece di scrivere cavolate come al solito 🙂

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    Congrats! You are the queen of blogging!



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    Did anyone else really stand a chance? I mean, you have followers of three blogs all voting for you, and let's face it, all you've produced are 4 tee-shirts with vacation snapshots on them. Seems like a popularity contest more than anything else. You three do look gorgeous though. Congratulations!

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  • Congratulations! I am so proud of you, I knew that this prize would be only yours 🙂


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    non c'è un video in cui possiamo vedere la premiazione?

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    Sicuramente ad Olivia Palermo roderà un sacco il fegato!! ahaah grandissimeeee 😀

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  • Chiara
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    Grazie a tutti!
    Anonimo delle9.55 no, anche Olivia ha vinto nella sua categoria, newcomer of the year (il premio che io avevo vinto l'anno scorso) 🙂

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  • I'm glad that you received a bloglovin award. You're such a devoted blogger, I really like that. Not so many people are so persistent 🙂

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  • So precious. You guys look so happy.



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  • Congratulations chiara! Your outfit is perfect and your post is professional! ThebreeZeofchanges. Nadia

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    IO ADORO LA FOTO CON Miss Faschion Toast!!!!..Brava il premio meritato!!( meno male che avevi pochi fronzoli);)

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    Molto bello il vestito, elegantissimo!

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    Congratulations! You really deserved the price. Werelse is great (and so are your photos in this post!).

    Love, B.

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  • Love you blog..you have wonderful style…I enjoy your adventures!!!


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    hello! would you be able to post the other girls' blogs webpages too? all the other girls in your photos?
    from australia 🙂

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    my remarks about Miss Chiara:

    Some photos are quite stiff or looking very formal, loosen up.

    You've been to beautiful places like NYC, Paris, and others yet I rarely see pictures or backdrop of quaint sightings or spots. Is it only and always about fashion, every thing that you wear?

    We would love to see photos of simple pleasures that you normally do aside from going to fashion shows.

    Upon reading some of your posts(even in facebook or twitter), I find it prideful. It's nice being a good blogger and being down-to-earth at the same time.

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