You all know It’s already been a while since I started using Bloglovin’, which I personally adore. Hence I couldn’t avoid telling you that its finally online the new App for Iphone. It’s a really easy and practical App through which you will be able to follow all you favourite blogs including mine ;D
A simple graphic but at the same time really cool! Don’t wait any longer and download the app from here 🙂

Già tutti sapete che da molto tempo uso Bloglovin’, che personalmente adoro, e non potevo evitare di dirvi che finalmente è online la nuovissima App per Iphone. Super pratica, molto facile da usare e grazie alla quale potrete, senza alcuna difficoltà, seguire tutti i vostri blog preferiti ed ovviamente anche il mio ;D
Una grafica semplice e chiara che non rinuncia per questo ad essere molto cool: potete scaricarla qui 🙂
P.S: L’app è anche in italiano 🙂

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  • Hey this is amazing. You have introduced me to this site which is soooooo easy to use and helpful.

    I have literally just started a blog myself as i have been inspired by those on bloglovin’. My blog is

    Please can anyone check it out as i really need advice on how to improve.

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Just got in but for Android! Loving these apps and they are so so convenient and comfortable 🙂

    Reply to Victoria
  • I have recently started a blog and would love if you could check it out. Hopefully signing up to BLogloving will be the right thing to do I will get some people to read my blog. Thanks

    Reply to Aine
  • I was thinking of doing a post about bloglovin’ and your post has given me inspiration! Thank you

    Reply to Ellie
  • Great article I have been trying to learn how to market stuff on social media sites

    Reply to Anthony
  • […] love Bloglovin’s clean and colorful look and their great Iphone App  which makes it easy to follow your favorite blogs while on the […]

  • Cool. Just signed up with Bloglovin and in the first email, the put the link to this article.
    I hope Bloglovin will help me to boost my traffic and attract more readers

    Reply to Rudd
  • hi : )
    is your blog apps only for iPhone?
    I have Android smartphone and it’s bit had to check ur new posts : )

    Reply to mariam

    I have that app already 3 months! 🙂 and it’s great!

    Reply to Milica
  • bloglovin is popular is blogosphere in the Philippines too…we also have

    Reply to karen

    You use every social network 🙂

    Reply to Ata

    wow I LOVE the new bloglovin’ app, thanks for sharing!

    Reply to Sara

    WE ALL LOVE APPS and even more if they are used to be TBS updated haha 😉
    Have a nice day dear!

    Reply to Patricia
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