Second day spent in Brazil, in Belo Horizonte: for Luiza Barcelos second event I wore a yellow crochet dress from Printing, a brazilian brand, that I found in my room at my arrival. Perfect fitting and colour: I’m really impressed by all the brazilian brands I’m discovering while here..
The two events were a big success (thanks a lot to all the people who came to say hi): I’ll publish all the photos really soon!
Today we’re leaving for Rio and I’m so excited!
P.S: I found a young brazilian boyfriend for Matilda, Barola.. Should I bring him to Milano with me? 🙂

Secondo giorno passato in Brasile, a Belo Horizonte: per il secondo evento di Luiza Barcelos ho indossato un abito in crochet giallo di Printing, brand brasiliano, che ho trovato in camera al mio arrivo. Fitting e colore perfetto: sono veramente colpita da tutti i brand brasiliani che sto scoprendo qui..
I due eventi sono stati un grande successo (grazie a tutti per essere passati a salutare): pubblicherò le foto al più presto!
Oggi si parte per Rio e ne sono entusiasta!
P.S: Ho trovato un giovane fidanzato brasiliano per Matilda, Barolo… Che dite, lo riporto a Milano con me? 🙂


I was wearing:


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    Sei fantastica…stupendo abito…:-)

    Reply to coco
  • P.S. Belo Horizonte is awesome! The girls are very pretty down there and they outnumber guys 2:1

    Reply to Vince Lin
  • Chiara will you marry me? I’ll buy you a big house and a nice car and go down on you every day


    Reply to Vince Lin

    mi sai dire dove potrei trovare questo vestito????

    Grazie mille

    Reply to Ciccins28

    WOW! this peplum dress is so stunning and the color make your skin look brighter. so eye-catching!!!

    Reply to Cindy Jayanti

    wow bellissima stai una favola 🙂

    Reply to anna

    The dog is adorable, no doubt. But with all the travelling you’re doing it seems to me like you hardly have time for Matilda, so just let him be. I don’t wanna question your abilities of being a good dog mom, I’m sure you are. I just think that when you have a dog, you actually should have enough time for it.

    I have a french bulldog on my own and I know exactly how faithful and fixated on their owner they are. Even though I bet she’s in good hands whenever you’re out of town, I don’t want to know how stressful it is for her that her mommy’s gone and out of reach so many times.

    I’m sure that cutie won’t have any problems finding a good and caring home in Brazil.

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    yes for the dress, no for the shoes 😉

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    Those wedges definitely compliment that lovely yellow crochet dress!

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog….where we talk about lingerie and all things feminine.


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    Chiara..lovely dress..!!!!!

    You should come to visit Argentina..!!! 🙂

    Reply to Florencia

    i’m so upset that I’m not going to meet you 🙁 I live in a town a little bit far from the city’s that you’re gonna stay … but enjoy Brasil, ’cause my country is amazing!! ! :)))

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    Voce é como brasileira e esta mais linda do que outras fotos quando esta em Belo Horizonte! Obrigada por vindo aqui ma terra amada. Abraço Marina

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