Before the traditional video of my Brazil and Texas trip here is a diary of all the amazing experiences I had that you haven’t seen on the blog yet 🙂

Prima dell’ormai tradizionale video del mio viaggio in Brasile e Texas ecco un diario di tutte le esperienze provate che ancora non avete visto qui sul blog 🙂

On set for my first cover, shot by the master Andre Schiliro

Sul set della mia prima cover, scattata dal maestro Andre Schiliro

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My first brazilian lunch

Il mio primo pranzo brasiliano

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Wearing a Patricia Bonaldi look for Vogue party

Indossando un completo di Patricia Bonaldi per il party di Vogue

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Ready to leave with the most fashionable shoes at the airport 🙂

Pronta a partire con le scarpe più fashionable che ci siano 🙂

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Some of my favourite looks from Animale, Cori e Tufi Duek fashionshows

Alcune dei miei capi preferiti nelle sfilate di Animale, Cori, Tufi Duek


Tufi Duek gifted me the best shoes ever

Tufi Duek mi ha regalato delle scarpe stupende

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My last look for Sao Paulo fashionweek

Il mio ultimo look per la San Paolo fashionweek

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Fell in love with this Valentino dress on an editorial for Revista Estilo

Mi sono innamorata di questo abito di Valentino per l’editoriale di Revista Estilo

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And Valentino sent me the best card

E Valentino mi ha mandato un biglietto delizioso

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Amazing hair and makeup at Marcos Proenca salon

Makeup e trucco perfetto al salone di Marcos Proenca

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Fiat brought me around during all Sao Paulo fashionweek in a customized car

Fiat mi ha portato in giro per tutta la San Paolo fashionweek in una macchina customizzata

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Osaka restaurant

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Our room at Tivoli Hotel

La nostra stanza all’hotel Tivoli

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Look at my eyes

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Oakley Dokley

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Ricky doesn’t look so happy shalala

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Had an awesome time at Lace hairspa

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Casual mornings at the hotel

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Vogue + Ellus party

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With my brazilian team: Vivian, Viviana, Monica and Wilma

Con il mio team brasiliano: Vivian, Viviana, Monica e Wilma

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So excited to be part of Move art exhibition: It was intense but so much fun. It took so long to take the paint away though 🙂

Una delle esperienze più belle è stata l’esibizione d’arte Move a cui ho preso parte decisamente attiva: intensa ed iper divertente. L’unica lato negativo? Le ore che ci ho messo per ripulirmi completamente dalla pittura


Bath with a view at Tivoli Hotel

Vasca con vista al Tivoli Hotel

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Ready to leave at the airport

Pronti a ripartire all’aeroporto

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Our dinner during our Chicago-London flight: not bad at all 🙂

La nostra cena sul volo Chicago-Londra: non male 🙂

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  • […] is de blondine bijster populair. Zo plaatst ze bijna dagelijk foto’s vanuit een ander land, is ze op elke Fashion Week aanwezig, heeft ze fotoshoots voor merken als Louis Vuitton én staat […]

    they gave you the most unbrazilian breakfast ever! in brazil! maaan, i cant believe they gave that in my own country! no white cheese? no french bread? no orange juice??? no papaya??? that was increadbly no brazilian 🙁 im sorry for that

    Reply to marina

    The shoot for the Move art exhibition looks amazing ! 🙂

    Reply to Jade

    You have the most amazing life…. So jealous! Enjoy it 😉

    Reply to Nina

    Wow! You have a Fendi bag with your initials. Super cool:)

    Reply to Rhonika

    What can I say?? Love a l l the hair looks, your hair is amazing with this colour and cut. Amazing photoshoot the one with the paint and I LOOOOOVED the pink dress on the third photo.

    Reply to Nefeli

    bellissimo giacca verde della cena in aereo…
    di quale brand è???

    Reply to Francesca

    Great pics, really loved that hair and make up by Marcos Proenca , absolutely gorgeous, if i looked like that, I wouldn’t wash my face and hair for forever ))
    Paint art is really cool too

    Reply to Olga K
  • I’m so super jealous! It looks like you had an awesome time. I want to steal that ruffly top you wore to the Vogue party!

    Reply to Mariah
  • Great pictures! I like your blog, I think it’s perfect… You’re an artist.

    Reply to rosmary
  • amazin foto 🙂 i love This Patricia Bonaldi look <3 i'm so jealous! you're sooooo lucky!

    Reply to Anna

    I started following your blog only in few days,but I’m getting addicted with you! What you do with style is totally amazing! I wonder if you had that kind of fab life before you started going you blog?!:) Anyway, I would have to have that kind of life someday too:)
    Patricia from Hungary

    Reply to Patricia Kormos
  • Wow – cool pictures! Seems like you had a lot of fun in Brazil!

    I just got back from a trip to Brazil myself – I went to Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro and I must say that I fell in love with both cities!



    Reply to Miri

    You travel almost constantly since the past year, dont you get homesick? 🙂

    Reply to Isabelle
  • Cant wait to go Latin America this year!! The picture with paint is so coool! Fashion. I didnt know japanese restaurants are so popular around the world^^ Happy to live in japan

    Reply to Angeluz
  • Looks like you had the best time! I wish Valentino would send me a card!

    Divine Time > my new travel and fashion blog!

    Reply to Emily Whitehall
  • Wow that plane ride looks impressive!! I hate plane rides but if my plane ride was like that I doubt I’ll be hating it as much.

    Reply to Louise
  • The paint looks like it’s kind of tough to handle but I’m sure you had fun like you said =)
    I like your hair spa treatment. It looks comfy! I might need one of those =D

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Ahhh your life is so fun. That paint photoshoot looks amazing even though I bet it was not so fun afterwards. I love love love the pink dress you wore in Brasil.

    Reply to Sam

    You’re gorgeous! And Brazil looks sooo amazing!! Makes me want to visit!

    Reply to Ai

    wish to get the chance to meet you somewhen in the future ★

    Reply to fran
  • This paint photoshoot looks so fun really hahaah and i love your instagram selfies :’)


    Reply to marta
  • Amazing pictures of you. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the fashion show. I really appreciate it.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post – ‘Paisley Pattern’. Thank you in advance.



    Reply to Sofia
  • You’re so gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing time.


    Reply to Lucy

    Lo posso dire che ti invidio? Vorrei anch’io una vita così….

    Reply to syr

    This is amazing! Did you take a first class flight?

    Reply to Toni
  • Wow! Photos with paints adorable!!
    I love your hairstyle at third image so much 🙂 You look amazing.


    Reply to Elisabelles

    Chiara, queste foto sono bellissime! Bellissimo post, hai trasmesso al meglio ciò che hai vissuto con questa esperienza 🙂 E sempre bellissima!

    Reply to Mari
  • Che gioia quando inserisci due post in uno stesso giorno! Bellissime foto e bellissima te! 🙂
    Aspetto il video!
    Un bacio

    Reply to chiara
  • I loved your pastel outfits, super chic.


    Reply to Alyx

    Great pics! That hotel looks amazing. Hope you took advantage of that gorgeous tub. Love the Valentino dress as well. And that art project looks very cool — though I don’t envy you trying to get that paint out of your hair. Really love these travelogue posts.

    Reply to Anon

    Love your pics! Do you know if I can buy patricia bonaldi anywhere in europe?

    Reply to Mia
  • Come more often to our beautiful country, Chiara. We already miss you!

    Reply to Raquel
  • Wow looks like you had so much fun! To be a fly on the wall. Love your Vogue outfit. Love.

    Reply to Heather
  • Awesome pics!!!!!

    Don’t miss my new outfit with leather sleeves parka ….and very special details

    Kisses from
    Worldwide Giveaway – Win the piece of cloth that you like from LASHES OF LONDON ❢❢❢

    Reply to WOWS

    Bello questo post!!
    Cavolo vorrei essere al tuo posto a fare tutte queste bellissime esperienze … si vede dal tuo sorriso che ti diverti un mondo… sei circondata dal lusso e dalla meraviglia… provo un po’ di invidia…


    Reply to Anna cimbro
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