Burberry Prorsum fashionshow always is among the ones that keep touching my heart and making me feel goosebumps: I still don’t know if the big difference, in addition to Christopher Bailey’s wonderful creations, is the music chosen, the location full of light, the beautiful models representing the brand or that British heritage that Burberry owns in its soul and always manages to show with pride.
This time, in addition to the show (that I suggest you to re-watch here) I had the chance to see all the show preparation from the backstage: the main characters were the new products by Burberry Beauty, used on all the models.
I saw all Cara Delevingne’s, Jourdan Dunn’s and Karlie Kloss’ preparation: from makeup to hair, going through the beautybooth, a real phone cabine to take photos before the show.
I leave you with these photos of my Burberry 360° experience!

La sfilata di Burberry Prorsum è una di quelle che riesce sempre ad emozionarmi e a farmi venire la pelle d’oca: ancora non so se a fare la differenza, oltre naturalmente alle creazioni di Christopher Bailey, è la musica scelta, la location sempre luminosa, le splendide modelle che rappresentano il brand o quell’heritage cosi British che Burberry ha nell’anima e riesce sempre a mostrare con orgoglio.
Questa volta, oltre allo show (che vi consiglio di rivedere qui) ho avuto l’opportunità di assistere alla preparazione della sfilata dal backstage: i protagonisti erano i nuovi trucchi di Burberry Beauty, con cui sono state truccate tutte le modelle.
Ho seguito tutta la preparazione di Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn e Karlie Kloss: dal trucco ai capelli, passando per il beautybooth, una vera e propria cabina per fare fotografie prima dello show.
Vi lascio alle foto di questa Burberry experience a 360°!



I was wearing:


194 Responses to “Burberry Prorsum show”

    Hello everyone
    I like how Chiara dress up and enjoy watching images BUT
    I read blogget from the beginning and it was exciting to see how Chiarra find something interesting what her mother had and her grandmother, and she looked like a young beautiful girl.
    Now she is very beautiful woman and very rich…too.
    Were you find the same clothes in usual cheap stores??
    Who can afford to shop at Dior store?
    All of you write that it is so beautiful and it is so amazing??
    Hello people!
    Wake up!
    I do not think any of you can buy the trench, which costs € 3000
    it’s just advertising her blog no emotion nothing for ordinary people!!!!!

    Reply to anonim
  • Chiara, that coat is fierce!and the bag too! Loving the Burberry collection. The leather,metals awesome!

    Reply to Roseanne
  • I see that Burberry are getting edgy by the minute. I would definitely look into getting 1 of their recent design for bags but I’m not sure if I’ll go with the trench though. I’m still into their originals =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Ho seguito la sfilata in streaming ed é stata pazzesca! Troppo lunghi però questi trench! Anche quello che indossi tu in questo (ed altri) post.

    Le mie tre modelle preferite! Bellissime!

    Reply to Star_Mary

    THE COAT IS G-O-R-J !! Its like a new edgy take to a timeless classic! Perfection! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog, I’ve only been blogging a month but have been reading yours like forever !!


    Reply to
  • well this is some report! love it!! I was at the live streaming in Burberry flagship in Regent Street and the show was just breathtaking, watched it couple times on youtube again, can´t get enough

    Reply to leny

    OMG don’t do this to me! I’ll find you and steal that trench from you!! :-)) It is absolutely P E R F E C T!!!
    Oh… and I think you’re way better with straight hair. Curls give you an older look…

    Amadeus On The Catwalk
    Amadeus Facebook

    Reply to Maya

    This trench was by far my favourite one from the last collection and you wear it very well <3

    Reply to Livia

    Burberry is about to go bankruptcy…now I know why.

    Reply to samantha

    I love the photos 😉 nice trench coat 😉

    Reply to Eduarda
  • You are truly beautiful!
    I adore all of the different Burberry coats which you have been wearing throughout the fashion season!
    Such an inspiration 🙂

    I have a new fashion post up on my blog too;

    Much Love,
    Kate xo

    Reply to and kate

    This coat is really unique and an eye-catcher! Love it !


    Reply to Eva
  • OMG that metallic trench is amazing!! I thankfully have the gold metallic satchel bag and can only imagine how stunning the trench looks in person!! You look amazing!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

    Reply to Diana

    I’m sorry but I don’t like your hair. It looks like the redken Team enjoyed their spare time.

    Reply to Josephine
  • Can i just say that I am infatuated with that trench coat?! It’s the most awesome thing ever!!!

    Reply to alice

    This mac is what dreams are made of, such a ridiculously beautiful colour 🙂 Amazing backstage shots too!


    Reply to Domonique
  • wow! bellissimo il tuo trench con maniche a contrasto. ho adorsato soprattutto quello della seconda uscita che hai pubblicato: pelle rovesciata caramello, con inserti in metallo oro.

    Reply to Eva e Valentina

    burberry is a dream for me. lucky girl

    Reply to dean

    Your best fashion week(s) look, hands down. Easy hair and makeup, appropriate for the season. Chic. Well done.

    Reply to Anon

    Cara è spettacolare, la miglior modella di questi anni…belli i nuovi colori dei trucchi.

    Reply to Joice

    Great look for You & Great collection!

    Reply to
  • loved the collection, and the coat you’re wearing looks perfect on you.


    Reply to Zsú
  • Love your trench coat, and the way you styled it light. Simplicity at its best! You look gorgeous Chiara!

    Reply to Call me M

    sei splendida con questo trench metallizzato!
    bellissimo il reportage sulla sfilata!

    Reply to marina di guardo
  • I’m really obsessed with that metallic blue trench you wore, so cool and chic. Love your backstage shots and omg I’m totally obsessed with the metal leopard textile print, what a great idea! I did something similar too as a sample just a week ago, it’s fun but hard to master! I’ve just upload my selection of street style shots I personally took from London Fashion Week, do tell me what you think on whether or not you approve of these street provokers.

    xx The Provoker

    Reply to The Provoker

    so che la maggior parte delle tue follower avendo 14 anni non può ancora votare, ma sarebbe comunque carino un appello da parte tua.. andate tutti a votare, non importa per chi. esercitare il vostro diritto e fate il vostro dovere. anche tu chiara, mi raccomando! bye.

    Reply to F

    Quel trench è spettacolare!! E ti sta d’incanto!!! Quella lunghezza poi mette in evidenza la parte bella delle tue gambe, nascondendo la parte ginocchio-coscia che a mio parere non è il massimo!!! 🙂

    Reply to Lisa
  • I love the bordeaux outfit with the leather skirt and the blouse with the white hearts! Adorable! And about your coat, I can just say that it fits you amazing, and I’m sure that it wouldn’t fit a lot of people!

    Reply to Julie
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