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Since I’m in such a big hurry I’ll write the complete post about yesterday in the next days, for the moment here for you some photos shot on Wednesday afternoon at the pool of our hotel, the Cosmopolitan, with my new banana outfit from H&M 🙂
Thoughts? What do you say about it?

Essendo di corsa devo rimandare ai prossimi giorni il post dettagliato sulla giornata di ieri a Las Vegas, per ora alcune foto scattate mercoledi pomeriggio nella piscina del nostro hotel, il Cosmopolitan, con il mio nuovo completo “bananoso” di H&M 🙂
Pensieri? Cosa ne dite?

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232 Responses to “By the pool in Vegas”

  • Hello! I just recently discovered your blog and I am a big fan, and have been clicking through to your older posts. I also have this bikini and dress!! I bought the dress first, loved it, and came back to H&M a few weeks later to buy the bikini! My sister thought I was weird for getting 2 things in the same print but they are both so great.

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  • i love this combination, its so cool:) it's kind of different and unusual, but definitely not boring! <3

    Reply to louisa

    Hey Chiara I´m curious of what size you are wearing in your bikini o.o Please answer; I'm not a Pevert just a nosy Girl 😀 Btw you look awesome (:

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    They're both size M If i remember well 😀
    Thanks people!

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  • Il bichini è bello, ma chi ha una terza/quarta di tette non può permetterselo…speriamo che sta moda della fascia passi in fretta! 😉

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  • you have no idea how much i adore this look! the bananas are SO CUTE!

    Reply to Lauren

    tutto insieme non mi piace…l'abinamento costume da bagno\copricostume, perfettamente identici..fa molto"vecchia"…inoltre non mi sembra una gran fantasia per propinarla addirittura in due indumenti.

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  • splendido questo insieme!!!!
    è incredibile come H&M abbia delle cose così carine e stilose pur costando pochissimo.
    bellissime le foto,stupenda soprattutto quella dove sei sdraiata. molto intensa l'espressione dello sguardo.

    Reply to marina
  • OMG!!! You are sooo beautiful and sooo sexy, babe ;))) These pictures are amazing!!!!

    I really love to read your blog every day.. In the last couple of weeks you went to so many interesting places and you shared all this with us. I feel like I am there too.. so thank you for what you are doing and for inspiring me every day. :*



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  • Beautiful pictures, and that bikini looks great on you! It seems that you got a light tan, very nice. I know it's difficult to get a tan, cause I have almost the same skin tone. But be careful of the sun, and always wear your sunblock!

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    Beh Chiara tu sei molto bella, quindi le foto, il soggetto, pose, location ecc vanno benissimo, però Dai! la fantasia a banane è davvero brutta! costume e copricostume saranno anche "simpatici" ma a me non piacciono proprio. baci! Gloria

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  • love that bikini from h&m, tryied it on myself but it looks sooo much better on you !!!! 🙂

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    bah!assolutamente niente di che…magari con un po di sole in piu' rende diversamente

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  • da una parte sn d'accordo cn tiziana x via della vestibilità ma tralasciando i problemi soggettivi il completo è davvero carino e simpatico che x l'estate e il mare ci vuole un pò di ironia e colore complimeti a te e ad h&m che x i prezzi che ha fa spesso delle cose molto belline!!!!

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  • Chiara attenta alle scottature! Non dimenticare mai la protezione, la tua pelle mi sembra molto delicata!
    Molto simpatico il completo bananoso! ^_^

    Reply to TheBlackSun

    I really love the outfit…it screams summer 🙂
    And I love your blog as well…I read it for some time now, but it's my first comment 😉

    Reply to Emy

    Would really like a post about your work-out tips and maybe also some food tips..i would love to have a body like yours! You're rockin'!
    Love form the Netherlands xoxo

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  • i love the whole thing , oooh gosh i think im going to pop into h&m today 😀 xoxo

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  • WOW…in the photo on the sezlong…you look like an estee lauder model!!:D:D like a photoshoot for make up!

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  • looking fabulous in prada-inspired h&m, chiara! 🙂 xxx

    Reply to rose

    tiziana io per dirti ho una terza, ma ricorda la moda la crei tu non di certo una fascia del costume!

    Reply to sara

    tiziana io porto la terza, ma ricorda che la moda la fai tu non di certo una fascia! Sara

    Reply to sara

    Chère Chiara, tu es vraiment chouette!

    Grosses bises Céline!!!

    Reply to Céline

    spero di trovarlo anche io questo costume e anche completo di vestito..mi piace tanto ehhe ** stai benissimo:) e si vede che stai prendendo il sole..sei piu colorita del solito eheh ^^

    Reply to marisa

    Si ma dal vivo non mi piace quella fantasia… Sarà che hai un buon fotografo!!!


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  • ciao Chiara!
    ma sei magrissima,ma vai in palestra?
    complimenti hai un fisico da invidiare 😀

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  • I like the bikine but I have to say I don't like these colours with tone of your skin together. I think it's too green for you. Just my opinion. 🙂

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  • Very " Prada meets Stella McCartney" and at a fraction of the price! This is a great way to do a super-trendy look without investing a lot. Adorable!

    Reply to Petey

    Ieri ho acquistato sia il bikini che l'abitino lo trovo fresco e giovanile anche se bisogna dirlo la qualità non è delle migliori..

    Reply to Anonymous

    What's your workout routine? You look great !
    baci da Montenegro 🙂

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  • il costume è bellissimo…. volevo chiederti, tu avevi detto di avere un terzo tatuaggio oltre al fiocco dietro al collo e la frase sul braccio… dov'è?? ciao!

    Reply to Emanuela

    onestamente gli occhiali non mi piacciono per niente

    Reply to Anonymous

    loved it .. but i never find beautiful clothes in H&M, it must a curse ..

    Reply to Anonymous

    It looks so great with your trip to Vegas! – Here in Denmark I'm just walking around in my sweater and looking out of the window on the rainy weather.
    Love your bananadress by the way! Look at it myself in H&M yesterday but then i thought, it's raining out side so it would probably be a little to optimistic.
    Have a fab vaca!

    xoxo Mia.

    Reply to Mia

    love the bikini!! i'm still a little apprehensive about fruit print but i love this one!

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  • cia Chiara… sei bellissima e ti seguo sempre…Se ti va, fai un salto sul mio blog… appena aperto!!! :)))

    Reply to roberta

    Tiziana io ho una terza, ma ricorda che la moda la fai tu non di certo una fascia!

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    bello il bichini! come riesci di mantenere la pancia piatta? stai facendo qualche sport?

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    chiara….ma dell hem c'erano altre stampe fruttose???
    grazie sei bellissima

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  • You always look gorgeous!!

    PS: We’ve just launched a new prize draw on Abataba’s blog. Do you take part in? ? Good luck!

    Reply to abataba

    ma cos'è? sembra la tovaglia di mia nonna! chiara c'mon!

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  • ..ma da H&M non avevano niente di meglio?
    Ultimamente ci sono stata, ed effettivamente forse hai preso il meno peggio!!

    But in H&M they did not have anything better?
    I've been there recently, and have to say that maybe you selected the best one!

    Check my blog, nice advices on fashion, in Italian and English… new post with pictures from New York!

    Reply to BigBagGirl

    I personally don't like the banana print, but like usual you pull it off with beauty and confidence and look amazing! Keep on inspiring us : )

    Reply to Anonymous

    Ciao, la tua figura non durerà a lungo se si mangia troppo di quel cibo Americana.

    Reply to Anonymous

    Woman, put on that turquoise slash lace bikini! I'm dying to see it!xx

    Reply to SC
  • Wow, I just love the dress so much, I think I'm developing an obsession! The swimsuit looks great on you too, and I so want those glasses!

    Mary from teenfashiondiary.blogspot.com

    Reply to hay_lin75
  • amazing!!the print is lovely
    i dont really wear bikini,but i might i tried it after saw ur post…
    so cute


    Reply to udyudell
  • I agree with Oh, Natalie. I like the bikini, the print is cool, but its too much on the dress, and sweetie, it looks horrible with your skin!

    Reply to MESIKE
  • love so much this outfit!! the banana print looks so good on you!


    Reply to Hanna

    Chiara ma hai solo due tatuaggi? mi sembra di aver letto in un post che ne avevi tre! Ma il terzo non riesco mai ad individuarlo?!!

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  • so jealous about the cosmo. We went and fell in love, and basically never went back to the ny, except when forced. But I love all the h&m, the sunnies are too right?

    Reply to kaitlyntru

    Devo dire che stai meglio dell'anno scorso, le tue cosce sono più in carne e sei più piena in generale ed è decisamente meglio! =*

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  • you are way too skinny.. you should act like a rolemodel chiara.. this kind of pictures lead to Eating Disorders with very young girls who want to be just like you.


    Reply to Terry

    I'd say the bikini is a tad too small. At least the bottom part; it needs to be a few inches higher at the back so that when you walk or bend slightly you don't expose your backside.

    Reply to Anonymous

    make a post about your tattoos! I want new tattoos and I think I can get some ideas from yours 😀

    Reply to Anonymous

    Costume con le banane..mm..lo trovo un po' allusivo, io mi vergognerei. E non mi piace come porti gli slip dei costumi, decisamente TROPPO a vita bassa. Nonostante questo, il costume ti dona molto =) Carino anche il vestitino. Anche se io li utilizzerei separati perché così il look risulta un po' troppo pesante.
    Ciao, Francesca

    Reply to Anonymous

    I LOVE this beach outfit! I first thought this was just a dress and was going to try to find it myself; then I realized it came with a bikini. I'm assuming this bikini and cover-up was inspired by the Prada 2011 collection. Lovely!

    Reply to Carmen

    i love the dress! your body looks great by the way!

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