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This is an exciting time, full of news for you guys.. In these weeks you’re gonna see a lot of things happening and some projects I’ve been working on for the past months will finally be revealed and be official. All this and so much more thanks to you and your costant support.
For the first of these projects you’ve already seen some previews on my Instagram profile (and you’ve already ordered a lot 😀 ) and now I can finally reveal it in all details: Caia Jewels.
A 25 pieces jewelry collection made in LA and designed by me, ironic but also created to tell a story.
As name of the collection Caia, my nickname as a kid, which stands for everything I am now.
In my collection we’re talking about relationships and love.
Starting from the Muse necklace and bangles, inspired by my tattoo, to give to whoever is your muse.
Going through the lips collection, symbol of love and kiss.
Arriving to the true essence of every relationship: amami, baciami e vaffan***o (which mean love me, kiss me and f**k you). Because love doesn’t only live through positive feelings, but also through fights and misunderstanding.
These are the campaign images, shot by Andrew Arthur (since we wanted to talk about love and relationships) and the link for the complete collection: the jewels are made in Los Angeles and shipped worldwide 🙂
What do you think about them? Which are your favourites?
Tag the photos of you wearing them on Instagram using the hashtag #Caiajewelsand good shopping!

E’ un momento entusiasmante e pieno di novità.. In queste settimane ne vedrete delle belle e finalmente tanti progetti a cui ho lavorato negli ultimi mesi verrano svelati e resi ufficiali. Tutto questo per merito vostro e grazie al vostro costante supporto.
Del primo progetto avete già avuto alcune anteprime su Instagram (e già avete ordinato :D) ed ora ve lo posso svelare in tutti i dettagli: Caia Jewels.
Una collezione di gioielli creata da 25 diversi pezzi, tutti made in LA e da me disegnati, ironici ma al tempo stesso creati per raccontare una storia.
Come nome della collezione Caia, il mio soprannome da bambina, che rappresenta tutto quello che sono.
Si parla di relazioni e d’amore.
Si parte dai bracciali e dalla collana Muse, ispirati al mio tatuaggio, da regalare alla tua musa.
Si passa poi alla collezione lips, il simbolo per eccellenza dell’amore e del bacio.
Si arriva quindi alla vera essenza di ogni relazione: amami, baciami e vaffan***o. Perchè nell’amore si vive di sensazioni positive, ma anche di litigi ed incomprensioni che poi vengono chiariti.
Ecco le immagini della campagna, scattata da Andrew Arthur (tanto per stare in tema amore e relazioni) ed il link per trovare la collezione completa: i gioielli sono realizzati a Los Angeles e spediti in tutto il mondo 🙂
Cosa ne pensate? Quali sono i vostri preferiti?
Taggate le vostre foto in cui li indossate su Instagram utilizzando l’hashtag #Caiajewels e buono shopping!

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All available on Caiajewels.com

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197 Responses to “Caia Jewels by Chiara Ferragni”

    Hi! I love this Lipstick.
    What´s the name or where do I get it?
    Thank you.
    Greetings from Vienna!

    Reply to Raphaela

    This is the sort of jewelry pieces that Miley Cyrus’d wear I think… It’s kinda vulgar actually. And pricey. It’s a no for me.

    PS: you are gorgeous! But I don’t like the campaign.

    Reply to Rebecca

    Hi!! I love the collection but i’m in love with the color of your lips. Can you say me what is the color please ?
    Thank you

    Reply to Ana

    vedo che non sono la sola a non apprezzare… però avete cancellato solo me… questi braccialetti sono degli autentici orrori comunque, e lo sai pure tu.

    Reply to Margherita

    Too pricey, too overrated for not so artful jewelries. Even Forever 21 has got better minus the high price.

    Reply to

    Cineserie di bassa lega proprio….patetica!

    Reply to Fab

    Veramente di pessimo gusto.
    E non sembrano nemmeno di grande qualità.
    Apprezziamo lo sforzo, puoi fare di più.

    Reply to ilaria

    Waaaayyyy toooo expensive! I mean seriously? I always liked you and your blog but now its getting a little out of control I think.. Besides don’t like the collection at all.. I’m really dissapointed!

    Reply to Selena

    Trovo l’uso della parola vaffanculo in un braccialetto così grosso di una bassezza rara e di pochissima classe! Nessuna DONNA che si rispetti andrebbe in giro con scritto vaffanculo al polso, tanto meno sulle dita. Forse questi gioielli li indosserebbe qualche ragazzina superficiale che vuole sentirsi forte e superiore, ma d’altronde in gran parte sono loro le tue ammiratrici quindi capisco la scelta commerciale… riprovaci!

    Reply to cristina

    non li metterei mai e poi mai….altro che vaff**lo…fanno proprio cacare!!e spendo pure 100 e passa euro per mettermi una parolaccia al polso??? O.o bah!!

    Reply to ilaria

    mi spiace ma, giudico questi gioielli di pessimo gusto. Se li vedessi indossati senza sapere altro, penserei a qualche bancarella di cinesi.

    Reply to sonia
  • Really nice photos shoot and jewel collection but I must say that I really loved your make up here.

    Reply to Call me M

    I am sorry to say this, but the collection is very tacky.

    Reply to dada
  • I love these pictures, but feel a little iffy on the idea of vulgarity on my rings. I would LOVE those big gold rings, if they were in the love me or kiss me version! Also, if more reasonably priced. As a college student, these prices would deter me from potentially ordering anything… maybe the next collection could have a few lower priced items? I’m really happy for you though, your own jewelry line, wow! Designer Chiara has come a long way from student blogger! 🙂

    Reply to Adara

    Amazing photos Chiara!!!! You look fantastic and your make up and hair is i n c r e d i b l e…. Your jewels are a state of the art, too!

    Reply to Nefeli
  • Congrats! Belli…un bel traguardo soprattutto per una blogger! Tuttavia scusa ma i Vaffanc- proprio non mi piacciono…ci manca pure che le parolacce oggi si tingano d’oro e argento!

    Reply to Elena

    quoto elena e michi, questi gioielli non sono affatto belli, mi dispiace! ve ne sono mille altri in giro, senza firma, senza alcun nome, che costano meno e figurano di più. tu invece sei una splendida modella adesso che ti hanno messo a posto i capelli. bellissimo maquillage, bellissime pose, valorizzi perfino quella (scusa!) paccottiglia.

    Reply to michela
  • Perché hai scelto questa provocatoria parola per i tuoi gioielli? E’ riferita a qualcuno? E’ uno sfogo nei confronti degli haters?

    Reply to valenosa

    Nice photos very beautiful make-up!
    The jewels are cool!

    Reply to CYNTHIA

    Ciao teso!!! Sei bellixxima vollei esse le tua amika mi scrivi??? Xxxxxxxx XD

    Reply to nichina

    While it is true that love doesnt only live through positive feelings, but also through fights and misunderstanding, i also cant believe that you would include “f… you” in that collection. considering that you are an icon and many have looked up to you but i expect a little decency of your design. Yeah, it may also be true that ur photos are stunning, but i guess it would have been more stunning if it want photoshopped to much..too much contrast in the picture..and oops the price, i can say it is way too much overrrated..while we can also buy as almost the same price of collection from tiffany, which we all know has already its name and legacy..u just started babe, so start also not being pricey!!! ✌

    Reply to

    Dude. You could have at least gotten a manicure! that’s some bad polishing.

    Reply to Gizelle

    AWESOME Collection!
    Bellissimo, complimenti 🙂

    Reply to Alyssa H.

    You look beautiful in these pictures 🙂

    Congrats it is a reat jewel collection, my favorites are: The Muse (<3) and Spike necklace, the ear cuff and the three set ring.

    Reply to Another Reader

    A mio parere non se ne salva uno.. Volgari, pacchiani e soprattutto… costosi! Salverei forse solo la collana “Muse” .. Mi spiace, bocciati!

    Reply to Michi
  • I love the muse necklace, simple and perfect. Love the pictures too, you look beautiful as always. Andrew Arthur is a talented photographer!


    Reply to Zsú

    Je vous aime beaucoup vous, votre blog, vos bijoux, et Richie, mais je n’aime pas Andrew Arthur, désolé, il n’a pas votre classe.

    Reply to caroline

    Hello chiara i would like to ask you if you can help me to find online the patricia bonaldi dress that you wear at 07 november 2012 in brazil. i am from GREECE.please contact with me at this e mail . thank you.

    Reply to giota

    I like rings the most 🙂
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • ma ti rendi conto dei prezzi che metti???? sono assurdi….i gioielli sono belissimi ma sono catenine e ciondolini! renditi conto….baci da mamma e figlia blogger

    Reply to redhead&blondie

    La collezione sembra scopiazzata da pezzi cult. Il prezzo e’ da chi si sente gia’ una star, non alla portata delle tue followers: cos’ e’? Roba solo per le sorelle Hilton? Fligth down Caia.

    Reply to Giovanna

    Amazing pictures, you look Like a doll, really beautiful! Great collection too.

    Reply to Marion

    These are beautiful photos of you once again by Andrew. As for the collection, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, you love jewelry, wear it a lot, so it makes sense you’d want to design your own collection. I love the name, as it is very personal. But then I wish your collection would reflect more your other love, which is travel. I’d love to see pieces inspired by what you’ve seen in Vietnam, Brazil, Dubai or Thailand. Throw in some street style from New York or LA. Honor the great tradition of Italian fashion and craftsmanship. Instead, you’ve given us quite pricey costume jewelry and and variety of ” fuck you” pieces. You love eyes and are known for your intense blue eyes–where are those in your collection? The lips earring looks quite similar to the Delfina Delettrez earring you own. I wholeheartedly agree with Tatiana’s post that if jewelry and shoe design (and what’s next? A clothing or handbag line, perhaps?) then take some time off to study fashion design, learn more about manufacturing, marketing and price points, then release that highly creative mind of yours on a fashion perspective that is 100% Caia–completely original and a reflection of who you are inside. Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

    Reply to Anon
  • Amazing jewelry, gorgeous pictures, and absolutely stunning make up! Fell in love with the make up the second you posted the first photos on Instagram lol

    Simona | L’extravagance

    Reply to Simona

    Yeah beautiful jewels but hey Chiara what about the price?? this is definitely not made for most of your followers who are ordinary people…even if we really support you, we can´t afford to buy this kind o things… why won´t you designers and bloggers never think about making things normal people can buy? Is it worst if ordinary girls wear it? Is it just made for classy rich people?

    Reply to Maria
  • Congratz on your Beautifull collection! i fell in love with your story behind it!

    Reply to Kyrsten

    per me sono fantastici non sono impegnativi non fono volgari, sono importanti e spiritosi allo stesso tempo non vedo l’ora di comprarmene uno… solo se mia mamma approva ma credo che lo fará perche la tampino tutti i giorni.
    Grazie a te chiara <3

    Reply to beatrice
  • Congratulations on your new venture and launching! =)
    I’m so happy for you and your achievements and how you’ve brought TBS to such great journeys. Andrew is a really good photographer and I’m glad you both are sharing something in common now.
    I’m checking out your new collection now =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Sei bella e sicuramente molto motivata, ne è la prova il costante miglioramento del tuo blog, della tua immagine e dei tuoi gusti…..ma questa collezione di “gioielli” non si può guardare da quanto è cheap. Sarebbe bello tu continuassi a perseguire scelte di classe e non cedere verso il basso strizzando l’occhio a tutti pur di accattivarti simpatie…un anello con scritto vaff….proprio non si può pensare, nemmeno negli incubi peggiori….sarò controcorrente ma ritengo che lo stile, le icons..come le chiami tu, siano tutta un’altra cosa.

    Reply to

    I admire you perseverance – you push yourself and never stop working on new projects which is impressive. However, your designs lack maturity – I always find it frustrating when people with no formal background in design think they can simply pick up a pen and design ‘things’. Being a designer demands skill, knowledge and experience. As a designer who spent 7 years completing a BA, MA and one year of training in a professional capacity I find it frustrating to see people like yourself creating something with so little relevance to the market today. Its a shame and wasted opportunity. Perhaps you should study the field you so much want to work in or work with talented designers who have studied shoe / jewelry / fashion design. You do not have a fashion stand point – you simply wear high end brands and showcase a myriad of editorial shoots on your blog which has pretty much become a model book and not a fashion blog with, inspirations and with which people can relate. People follow and love you yet your designs are simplistic as well as too expensive for most of your followers. I do not understand the point of your collection but admire that you have completed and marketed it. I hope you do not see this as an attack – simply as constructive criticism – design is my field and I have strong opinions about it!

    Reply to Tatiana

    Fantastic! Looove it! And make up is the best! 🙂

    Reply to Milica
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