Chiara Ferragni fw16 campaign HR 1Since the February presentation of the new Fall Winter 2016-2017 #BornToBeWild collection, the feeling we’ve had is that Chiara Ferragni‘s brand was becoming more and more defined, and that the press world’s and buyers’ attention was caught by the brand’s feel like never before.

What definitely, distinctly emerged, both from looking at the items that make the collection as well as from the campaign’s images, was the character of the brand’s typical woman: one who is mobile, like Chiara, free from any constraint, determined, but not harsh. This kind of woman’s perfect incarnation is model Staz Lindes, the campaign’s new face. Hailing from her beloved West Coast, Staz and her unconventional beauty perfectly exemplify the balance between strength and sweetness that is visible both in the collection and in the images, characterised by strong styling and languid poses. The campaign was shot in LA, in a typical, perfectly conserved, pastel-colored 1950s motel setting.

As in the previous two campaigns, Chiara Ferragni and her team worked with Mariaelena Morelli as the art director from the get-go, for everything: this included choice of location, styling, the selection of every single production team member — included photographer Brianna Capozzi. The collection is already available in multiple stores worldwide, and it will be available on starting tomorrow. Here is a gift for you: the exclusive backstage video, and all the campaign images. Are you #BornToBeWild too?

Creative Director: Chiara Ferragni
Art Director and Stylist: Mariaelena Morelli
Photographer: Brianna Capozzi @Replimited NY
Model: Staz Lindes @Vision LA
Makeup: John McKay @Frankreps
Hair: Ramsell Martinez @Streeters
Videographer: Jordan Lovelis

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