Among the most interesting projects I’ve been working on this year I can of course talk about the video (and of course social) campaign for Macy’s Bar III: with other four influencers I traveled from one place to the other wearing some Bar III pieces, having so much fun and discovering new places like Marfa and Coachella.
This video by Jake Davis is the result of these months: hope you like it, this is #myreality !

Tra i progetti più interessanti a cui ho partecipato quest’anno posso sicuramente elencare la campagna video (e naturalmente social) realizzata per Bar III di Macy’s: insieme ad altri quattro influencer ho viaggiato da un posto all’altro indossando alcuni capi Bar III, divertendomi come una pazza e scoprendo posti meravigliosi come Marfa e Coachella.
Questo video è il risultato di questi mesi di lavori: hope you like it, questo è #myreality !


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    Last photos shot in Milan before running to the new balance sea again: this time, with my friends, there is also Andy 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!

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  • That was amazing! Wow! What a fun experience. I love your blog and thank you for all the inspiration you’ve given me, you’re doing great!!

    Reply to kaelinclaire

    Oh my god your life is just sooo perfect ! I just wanna live your reality ! *__*
    I really really would like your reality to be mine 😉

    Reply to Jade

    ciao Chiara, ti seguo sempre e non sono solita scriverti commenti né per esprimerti consensi né per criticare ciò che fai. Questa volta lo faccio perché, sinceramente, non ho proprio capito il senso di questo video… cosa vorrebbe rappresentare? la tua/vostra realtà quotidiana? beh non penso sia questa… E sinceramente mi sembra un po’ carente come “risultato di questi mesi di lavori”, ma questa comunque è una mia opinione.
    Spero mi spiegherai il significato del progetto e del video 🙂
    Ciao !

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    Il video e’ bello ma non mi sembra che ci sia stato un tuo grande lavoro!!! A parte andare da un posto all altro!!!

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    Tutto molto bello … ma chi sono questi altri quattro influencer?

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  • I’m amazed at your capacity of changing. You look like a different woman from one day to the next, a real chameleon!

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  • In my opinion you’re one of the best bloggers all over the world and when I started lookin informations about TOP10 bloggs there is yourblog in the list. I was right! 🙂
    best regards Chiara!

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  • wow your Blogjob is pretty amazing. You travel so much and have amazing collabrations. Lucky you :-**

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    Influencer? Tu? Non influenzi nemmeno il tuo cane …ma dai…

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  • Congratulations on working with this great company. I have a couple of pieces that I love in my closet. They make beautiful clothes.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post Dazzling in Silver’. I think you’ll love this new skirt I bought this weekend. Thank you.


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  • The video is so well-made. I love the atmosphere. And I hope to see you in Athens somewhere these days. I really want to meet you some day!


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