And here It is: my last look shot for Vogue Spain last month in Milan at Arco Della Pace.
I loved trying different shades of lipstick for all the photoshoot: doesn’t it look like I ate a smurf with this blue one?

Ed eccolo qui: l’ultimo look scattato per Vogue Spagna lo scorso mese a Milano all’Arco Della Pace.
Per una volta tanto mi è piaciuto provare una tonalità diversa di rossetto durante il servizio fotografico: non sembra io abbia mangiato un puffo?


I was wearing:


Photos by Coke Bartrina

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  • I like courageous lipsticks especially great brand:) Bag is amazing♥


    Reply to 4premiere
  • Wow!! The lipstick is a bit strange but in general i love the whole look!)

    Reply to anhen

    certo che con photo sop le labbra vengono benissimo.. dovrei provarci pure io a ritoccare le foto cosi! ! ! 🙂 auguri chiaretta

    Reply to marta

    I dont rally like the lips but I get its a shooting session, what I really didnt like its the hat color …
    its not really going well with the outfit…its not connecting in my opinion.

    Reply to JENN

    I feel like you are the only person who can pull off blue lipstick. Also that sweater is simply gorgeous and amazing.

    Reply to Sam

    Horrible lipstiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick !! OMG !!!

    Reply to Paula

    Chiara honey, that lipstick…please never do tha again 🙂

    Reply to Fabi GH

    i’m just asking my self to know how you could have walked on this floor with your huge shoes… :p lovee your sweat xoxo

    Reply to eastering

    I love the boots. The blue lips were a daring choice. I’m not sure they worked with this look, but I applaud you for your bravery. I think of club kids when I think of blue lipstick. Overall I liked this outfit.

    Reply to Aimee

    Aren’t you afraid of anything????? I wouldn’t even dare to think of wearing blue lipstick……… controversial but good for you for being courageous enough…. the rest of the look is simply amazing 🙂

    Reply to Nefeli

    OMG you’re looking ilke Smurfette 😀

    Reply to Ata Kurtcan

    Ma a chi vuoi dare ad intendere che quello è un rossetto? Quello si chiama selezione con bacchetta magica e secchiello di Photoshop… Come tutti gli altri “rossetti” dei servizi che hai fatto x Vogue… Non siamo cretini baby…

    Reply to Betty


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  • Gorgeous! I love that dress!!


    Reply to Lucy

    A me il rossetto in queste foto dà l’idea di essere finto, photoshop?


    Reply to Giogio

    Forte mi piace da morire!
    Anche a me piace sperimentare e osare con rossetti dai colori insoliti!

    Reply to SMG
  • How nice Chiara! I love the seven days seven looks from Vogue Spain, there are always interesting people who dress amazing! This time was your turn and I love the looks you have chosen, from this one I love the Phillipe Lim bag!


    Reply to Marta Martínez

    I like the dress and bag. The hat is cute if you’re wearing a coat. Blue lipstick? I’d pass. It diminishes the color of your pretty blue eyes.

    Reply to Anon

    Beautiful dress! And that blue actually looks quite cool on you. I would never be brave enough to wear it though, haha.



    Reply to Bri

    it’s funny, but to my mind you are the only person who can wear blue lipstick and you still look amazing! If I would wear this colour, I will look like a mentally disturbed person! :DD
    sorry for my bad english 🙂

    Reply to Toni
  • So cool with the blue lipstick and I absolutely love the beanie! I absolutely love your blog with all of these outfit posts! Really cool!

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Your lips look really strange! The rest really nice *.*

    Reply to Tobi
  • Love the sweat dress over tights and ankle boots! the lipstick is really playful and fun!

    Reply to Teresa

    Oh, no… Come on, blue lipstick? Can only look ok on a over photoshopped model. The black and white pictures look great though!

    Reply to Clochette

    your amazing, but the blue lips are kindo of wierd

    Reply to joy
  • I love the matching hat and lipstick. And that jeweled top is gorgeous!

    Reply to Mariah
  • Nice outfit and booties. Also great touch of colour with the bag, but i would have avoid a double touch of colour with the beanie and makeup.

    Don’t miss today my new outfit….black based, awesome booties…and a touch of burgundy colour.

    Kisses from
    Worldwide Giveaway – Win the piece of cloth that you like from LASHES OF LONDON ❢❢❢

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  • Blue lips look actually quite pretty on you haha! Lovely outfit! xx

    Reply to Sanne

    bella la borsa e gli stivali… per il rossetto no comment!!!

    Reply to adriana
  • This honestly just looks like you’re suffering from a bout of hypothermia.


    Reply to Naina

    blue lipstick is fantastic! great combo 🙂


    Reply to Linda

    what is up with that lipstick? EPIC FAIL to say the least…

    Reply to judy

    whats happening with that lipstick!?!?!?! AHHHHHRRRGGGGGGG

    Reply to

    Stupenda!!Adoro i tuoi stivaletti Alaia,ti stanno un incanto!

    Reply to Maja
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