Bom dia from Sao Paulo!
Before starting to post my photos from my Brazil trip here is another look I shot for Vogue Spain in Milan, just before fashionweek season. Like it as much as I do?

Bom dia da San Paolo!
Prima di pubblicare i miei scatti brasiliani ecco un altro look scattato a Milano per Vogue Spagna, appena prima che iniziasse la stagione delle sfilate. Vi piace quanto piace a me?


I was wearing:


Photos by Coke Bartrina

182 Responses to “Chiara Ferragni for Vogue Spain, look II”

    Love the trousers. Interesting lip color. Overall I like this look.

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  • The Victoria’s Secret model donned in an asymmetrical dress, paired with gold stilettos. This striking trendy hobo is made of leather and is available in the colors white or black. They contain 25% less wax and the latest technology called mirror jelly, made from polymers and silicone oil. The range from Baby Dior comprises of pure cotton and innovatively designed body suits embroidered with blue and pink snaps apart from the teddy bear logo on the front side.

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    The outfit is trying to hard. Seems like who ever fitted you was trying to hard to get a fashion forward/high end fashion look. Unfortunately they failed. I get what they were trying to do with your hair, but unfortunately it looks extremely greasy and cheap. The lipstick is so weird. Who wears yellow? so unnatural and gross looking! The clothes are okay. I really like the jacket, but not a huge fan of the pants. I think the lipstick and hair are just distracting and if that was changed I would probably like the outfit even better.
    I LOVE the outfits you pick for yourself. You have such great style, so don’t take this as a personal critique/attack/etc because I get that you were doing this for a magazine and they chose everything. (I’m sorry if you had any part in choosing this look…)

    Reply to Jessica V.

    I’m sorry but neither this hairstyle nor the lipstick suit you. They made you look like a zombie…

    Reply to Sophie

    You are gorgeous. If once singles out a thing, then it’s not working as the whole you. This does stunning look does that completely and the lipstick comment? It in no way deflects the inherent beauty you possess in anyway. Few can wear such an incredible color with out noticing the color first , but its absolutely to YOU secondary. Voila’! complete perfection..

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    Great look but i believe the lipstick doesn’t quite match….

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    assolutamente no!!! quel rossetto ti fa apparire malata….le foto in bianco in nero non sono male
    nel complesso non trovo sia un bel look

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  • Love this out fit!!! It seems from Vogue style 🙂
    Golden lips!!! Wow!


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  • oh… so close to my country! You look wonderful!!
    jave a great days on Brazil!!


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    Great outfit, I’m even okay with the gold lipstick for an editorial shoot. How did you like it? I’m not convinced you were 100% sold on it. You look great in earrings–you should wear them more often!

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    the eye-catching look for bland and frivolous blondes. yay!

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    Love the vogue 😉 The color of your lips is original

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    Il look e perfetto 🙂 mi piace da morire, comunque questa pettinatura non ti sta bene….

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    Devo dire che lo adoro! Lo avevo già visto qualche tempora sul sito di Vogue Spagna,mi sembra, e l’ho amato subito. Mi piace soprattutto il make up grazie al quale ho scoperto i rossetti colorati non molto convenzionali,verde,viola,nero,giallo,blu,azzurro che adesso uso per le occasioni speciali e un po’ particolari!

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    mi piace un sacco questo look!!!

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  • I LOVE your blog.
    Pass on my blog and follow me if you like :*

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  • Saw this outfit on Vogue.com and I think it’s brilliant! It’s somehow out of your league but in a great way. The only thing I don’t like is the bright yellow/orange lips, but other than that, great job 🙂


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    hai una gran qualità: il gusto dell’orrido. e non è da tutti.

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    Insomma non mi piace molto questo look, ce ne sono stati di migliori

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  • Dear Chiara, please answer!!!
    I’m trying to talk to you in every way I can.
    My name is Ligia, I’m 15 years old and I’m brasilian. I saw that you are here in São Paulo and believe me, it would mean the world to me if I could meet you. I also have a blog and it’s everything to me. I work really hard on it, and I know it’s not as good as your off course, but I one day I hope it could be. The Blonde Salad is for sure my biggest inspiration. The photos are incredible and also the looks and videos. I love your work.
    PLEASe, I beg you, if there is anyway that I can meet you, any place that I can go or any event, let me know. It would be a dream come true to me.

    Thank you so much anyway,


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  • Great makeup! You do the ‘wet’ hair look trend great, some people look greasy when they attempt it haha

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  • Chiaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa quel pigiama che hai su instagram è sexy da morireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: mi stai facendo sentire male

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    Lo chic è il tuo mestiere, baby!!!!!!

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  • How stunning is this whole look, from the hair to the make up! You’re genius and bold to match your gold yellow lips with the one on the DVF clutch, and the jacket texture is so regal! <3 You must see my new outfit post sporting Nicholas Ghesquiere for BALENCIAGA pieces from the good ol' days, it's architectural inspired with quirky textures. Do tell me what you think on the provoking pieces 😉

    xx The Provoker

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  • Il look mi piace moltissimo, un po’ meno la pettinatura!

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  • Bellissimo outfit ed il trucco e’ fenomenale.
    Tutto un po’ i primi anni 80,ma in chiave moderna.Bello anche il setting.Si sa la marca del rossetto :)?
    Buona permanenza in Brasile.

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