Temperatures have definitely dropped and our summer days at the beach feel like a distant memory. So, what better way to welcome the colder days of Fall than to go to Marrakech on a city break? Chiara thought so too, which is why she visited the beautiful Moroccan capital with Revolve for two days. Here was her program, between suks and dinners in the desert.

After checking into the enchanting resort of La Mamounia, Chiara enjoyed a Moroccan-style lunch at the El Fenn restaurant, surrounded by carpets and large colorful cushions. The afternoon flew incredibly fast, exploring Marrakech’s main market area for a few hours. Isn’t it always a pleasure to watch people live their daily lives? In the evening, Chiara went back to La Mamounia, and had dinner at the hotel’s amazing restaurant.

How wonderful to wake up in an enchanting place like Marrakech! After a great breakfast, Chiara went to visit the new, beautiful YSL Museum, and the Majorelle gardens, enjoying the relaxed, special ambience created by this unique blend of colors and nature. In the 1960s, this location enchanted Yves Saint Laurent too, who bought up the place and moved here. Having lunch here is an incredibly charming experience, and Chiara had a light lunch at the cafè before moving on to her afternoon activity — a camel ride, to enjoy the view of the desert from a special, privileged perspective. Once you find yourself in such a magical place, what else can you do but have candlelight dinner?

And that was how Chiara wrapped up her 2 days in Marrakech… How about you? Have you booked your trip already?

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