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We’re finally ready: at the same time in which my fall/winter 2013 shoes are available in the stores  my new website is also ready, where you can find all the different models, the campaign photos and videos and all the retailers around the world 🙂
You can find it all here. Which is your favourite shoe? Thanks for all the support!

Finalmente ci siamo: nello stesso momento in cui i modelli autunno/inverno 2013 della mia linea di scarpe, Chiara Ferragni, sono arrivati in tutti gli store ecco pronto anche il nuovo sito, dove potete trovare tutti i modelli in collezione, le foto ed il video della campagna e tutti i rivenditori in giro per il mondo 🙂
Trovate tutto qui. Quali sono i vostri modelli preferiti? Grazie a voi di tutto il supporto!

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138 Responses to “Chiara Ferragni shoes and”

  • I do not actually care how or when i get the Letters in the Mail. Every time it arrives, it feels like a letter should be. It’s suddenly there in my mail box an individual day. A awesome, tangible surprise. I’m for you doing whatever you want when you send it. Mix it up for that folks who help get it sent out. Include crumbs from your lunch. Coffee stains. Whatever. Keep the tedious naturel of getting letters out to a minimum by doing whatever you feel like that day. The arrival from the letter and the words from the author inside are what matters. Personally, what I like finest about The Rumpus is that I by no means understand what I’ll read through that day. Or if there isn’t one that day, maybe it’s because Stephen couldn’t uncover anything to say or there was as well much likely on.

    Reply to Allene Maschio

    We can’t buy on the internet? And you do not have a store in Paris … So sad!

    Reply to Romane

    belle! tutte copiate da altri: le polacchine da Clarks, le ballerine con le faccine da Mark Jacobs, i tronchetti da YSL! bravissima!!!

    Reply to Milly90

    They are beautiful!

    but I wish we could buy them in Spain!!!

    The only countries that can buy the shoes on-line and that appear in the web page are:


    BUT NO SPAIN!! :'(


    Reply to Maria

    Jusy fyi you guys spelled “Istanbul” wrong on the shoe website. 😉

    Reply to Mia

    Io adoro i tronchetti cocco neri!! Peccato che a Palermo non le vendano :((

    Reply to Federica
  • Love these whimsical shoes and the video.

    Happy Monday!

    Reply to Sofia
  • I am in love with those silver shoes. 🙂
    Good job, well done! 🙂 Congrats.

    Reply to matylda

    Che bello, in Turchia sei ad INSTAMBUL…e che città sarebbe? Un incrocio tra Instagram e Istanbul?

    Reply to Marychristoleen
  • I love everything! I hope you can do a giveaway 🙂 Would love to get my hands on a pair. Maybe the heeled boots or the winking flats!

    x Megann, Style Surgery

    Reply to Megann

    Love ankle boots, i found them chic and casual at the same!
    Congrats, a very great collection!



    Reply to Dania

    Le più belle le slipper glitter e i tronchetti croc sono spettacolari!

    Reply to S
  • Ciao Chiara, le scarpe sono meravigliose!!! E sono molto contenta per te, anche se non ci conosciamo! Comunque volevo chiederti se si possono anche acquistare online 🙂

    Reply to Jessica

    Carino il sito ora.. ma le scarpe orrende sorry 🙁

    Reply to kate

    La moda italiana è famosa nel mondo. non rovinarcela, please.

    Reply to Francesca

    Ciao Chiara, complimenti per il sito!
    Ho iniziato a leggere la parte About e ci sono un bel pò di errori in inglese!

    Reply to B

    Ciao Chiara, congratulazioni! Ho iniziato ora a leggere la parte “About” del sito e ci sono un bel pò di errori in inglese, ricontrolla;)

    Reply to B
  • Chiara! Bellissimo il sito e bellissima la collezione! Sabato sono andata a Firenze e mi sono presa le slippers glitter con occhiolino! Sono stupende, le amo!
    Un bacio grande, Erica

    Reply to Erica Last MakeUp
  • FINALLY your own webshop! I will definitely have a look, love your shoes!!

    xoxo Mireille

    Reply to Mireille

    Io ho comprato quelle color argento con l’occhio e le ciglia

    Reply to Avl
  • Congratulations Chiara! You’re a very talented person and self-made successful blogger. To me, you’re more than a just a blogger. You’re more like a successful business woman =)
    I’m truly happy for your achievements and enjoy them all! =)

    Reply to Diva In Me
  • Wow this is a great step in the life of a business woman!!!

    Reply to c h i a r a
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