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Do you remember when, at the beginning of summer, I went to Puglia, in the south of Italy? Well it was very important to me because I had finally the chance to see the factory where the shoes from my line Chiara Ferragni are made. It was such a great experience for me: it’s amazing when you see how something you have in your mind, can be made for real step by step by someone you have never met and it’s amazing how even if you never met those people they share the same point of view for concerning Made in Italy. I hope you enjoy these photos and video as much I enjoyed taking/shooting them! Get ready for some behind the scenes!
You can find Chiara Ferragni shoes in these stores and estores.

Vi ricordate quando, all’inizio dell’estate, sono andata in Puglia? Per me è stato davvero importante perchè ho finalmente avuto l’opportunità di vedere la fabbrica dove vengono prodotte le scarpe della mia linea Chiara Ferragni. E’ stata davvero un’esperienza bellissima per me: è incredibile come da un’idea possa nascere qualcosa si reale ed è pazzesco come le altre persone che lavorano con me a queato progetto condividano il mio stesso punto di vista per ciò che riguarda il Made in Italy. Spero vi piaccia questo dietro le quinte.
Potete trovare la mia linea di scarpe in questi store ed ecommerce.

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Photos by Andrew Arthur

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    Where can i buy flirting t-shirt and iphone case in LA?

    Reply to Cania
  • Google…

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    Your shoes are so cute. These pictures of your factory are amazing. It is interesting to see what happens behind the scenes and all of the hidden work that goes into something like this. As a business student, and fashion lover, it is great to see young designers achieving big things. Congrats!

    Reply to Catrina
  • I like the valuable info you provide in your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

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  • I love the eye pumps. Ever thought about doing some sparkly eyelash HEELED pumps for us shorties out there? *HINT HINT*

    Katie <3

    Reply to Katie

    Chiara vedendo queste foto non posso che provare ammirazione per te, il tuo progetto è italiano, 100% artigianale e hai avuto molto coraggio a buttarti in questa impresa nonostante la crisi e la concorrenza del settore,continua così!! Ti seguo sempre.

    Reply to mery

    I’m sorry but the shoe designs look so cheap.

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  • I’m so happy to see how your name has grown. From just a blog to now a shoe line. Wishing you the best and your designs are sure catchy =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Chiara, correggi i refusi nel testo in italiano….ciao!

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    Love these shoes! Especially the brown and black with the silver detail — WOW! So cute!



    Reply to Kelly

    How exciting! Loving the Mathilda flats


    Reply to Divo's Diva

    Diciamo che oramai il made in italy è per ricchi….

    Reply to jj

    I’m shocked that you’ve had your shoe line for years yet only recently bothered to check out the manufacturing facility or meet the people actually constructing your designs. I can’t imagine any serious footwear designer 1.) not studying shoemaking to understand how construction affects their design and 2.) not wanting to play a bigger role in the construction process. Until I see sketches of your original designs, I remain convinced that you simply discuss a few style inspirations (those doggie slippers look a whole lot like some by Marc by Marc Jacobs) then an actual shoe design team takes over. Right now it just seems like you’re lending your name to a footwear manufacturer, similar to your involvement with Superga. There’s nothing wrong with that–essentially it was what Jennifer Lopez did with her short-lived clothing line. But if this truly is a passion of yours, I wish you’d take some classes in footwear design.

    Reply to Anon

    Chiara, a just love your slippers *.* The rest of your shoe line is also great!
    I have to confess: i miss seeing you and Ricci together.

    A big kiss from Portugal 😀

    Reply to Cristina Oliveira

    Ciao chiara! Che bello sapere che almeno le tue scarpe vengono prodotte qui in italia

    Reply to Valentina
  • Chiara, sto cercando online le scarpe che hai in mano nella 4° foto sotto il video !! Non riesco a trovarle da nessuna parte!!!! :((( come faccio???

    Reply to Anita
  • I have a pair of the blink eye glitter slippers & love them sooooo much! Everywhere I go people ask me & comment about my shoes. It’s so great to see where they were made 🙂
    Happy Thursday Chiara xoxo

    Reply to Adele

    Nice post ! You look happy and proud 🙂
    Enjoy you american Halloween

    Reply to Margaux
  • I think it’s really important that you choose to manufacture your shoes in Italy, it really makes a difference. Although it might make the price go a little bit higher, it’s the best way to ensure not only high quality, but also employment and growth for your country. Well done 🙂

    Reply to Une petite Bruxelloise
  • Cute flats! Love the boots too and congrats on your shoe line!

    CHECK OUT MY NEW POSThttp://sapphire-brushstrokes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/endless-autumn-days.html

    Reply to TERESA
  • Many shoes of Chiara Ferragni are sparkling!!
    I want them all, especially gold glitter one!!

    Reply to Sayana.M

    This is so coo!! Congrats on your shoe empire 🙂

    Reply to M.E

    The fabric: indica la parola “tessuto” e non “fabbrica”… Attenzione per i tuoi lettori non italiani…

    Reply to Martina
  • I love your new collection, it’s so fabulous! I like so much the slippers, I have to buy one or probably two lol
    This video is so funny and interesting, I like the way they do the shoes
    Love your look, this top is amazing and you look beautiful


    Reply to Miss Key
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