YSL_makeupSince I was a little girl I’ve always loved makeup. I used to steal my mother’s lipstick and eyeshadow to get my Barbie ready for a romantic date with Ken, and to paint my face with “artistic” results 😉 When I grew up I opted for a more natural look. I usually just wear mascara and a gloss to give my lips a shiny  touch. Sometimes, especially during summer, I like to try something new! For example 2 weeks ago, when I had fun playing with some Yves Saint Laurent Pop Water collection products, with whom I created 2 different looks I really felt confortable with. Which one do you like the most?

_F2V3311_2ok_F2V3189_2ok_F2V3344_2ok_F2V3165_2ok_F2V3235_2ok_F2V3173_2ok_F2V3264_2ok_F2V3155_2ok_F2V3331_2ok_F2V3125_2okBlue Eyeliner.  YSL Full Metal Shadow Wet Blue + YSL Vernis à Levres Pop Water Dewy Red

Golden Eyes. YSL Full Metal Shadow Dewy Gold +  YSL Vernis à Levres Pop Water Wet Nude

Makeup and hair by Cristina Marzo

Photo by Cosimo Buccolieri

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104 Responses to “Yves Saint Laurent Color Splash”

  • Colored eyeliners are so in these days and blue is definitely an ideal choice for summer. Chiara looks amazing in both the looks.

    Reply to Nyda
  • Oh wow, your eyes just look incredible with that blue background! I love these makeup looks so much, dreaming of the day I can afford something packaged in that dreamy gold 😀



    Reply to Julia

    All the photos are great and show you in different light, with the exception of the photo where you are with your tongue out. It doesn’t make sense.

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • Ohhh I’ve been on the hunt for a great lip stain. It’s great to have something low maintenance for summer! I’ll have to check these out =)


    Reply to Becky Freeman
  • I love, love, love the more natural look with the gold eyes as this makes it seem as if you’ve put less effort in giving it an effortless beautiful look. Amazing blog post! x


    Reply to Jokevalerie

    I like the Look with the blue Eyeliner . its perfect for summer. 🙂

    Reply to Mel
  • These photos are really funny and it’s the perfect mix between your personal style and the YSL philosopy. You look stunning with a colorful makeup or with a natural makeup. Tres chic
    (old misskeyblog)

    Reply to Miss Key
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