YSL_makeupSince I was a little girl I’ve always loved makeup. I used to steal my mother’s lipstick and eyeshadow to get my Barbie ready for a romantic date with Ken, and to paint my face with “artistic” results 😉 When I grew up I opted for a more natural look. I usually just wear mascara and a gloss to give my lips a shiny  touch. Sometimes, especially during summer, I like to try something new! For example 2 weeks ago, when I had fun playing with some Yves Saint Laurent Pop Water collection products, with whom I created 2 different looks I really felt confortable with. Which one do you like the most?

_F2V3311_2ok_F2V3189_2ok_F2V3344_2ok_F2V3165_2ok_F2V3235_2ok_F2V3173_2ok_F2V3264_2ok_F2V3155_2ok_F2V3331_2ok_F2V3125_2okBlue Eyeliner.  YSL Full Metal Shadow Wet Blue + YSL Vernis à Levres Pop Water Dewy Red

Golden Eyes. YSL Full Metal Shadow Dewy Gold +  YSL Vernis à Levres Pop Water Wet Nude

Makeup and hair by Cristina Marzo

Photo by Cosimo Buccolieri

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