Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 1

The first taste of Christmas atmosphere, in Colorado, filming our new video.
The best is yet to come.

Il primo assaggio dell’atmosfera natalizia, in Colorado, filmando il nostro nuovo video.
The best is yet to come.

Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 7Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 5Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 10Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 9Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 2 Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 8Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 12 Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 3Chiara Ferragni Colorado Tree 4
I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

180 Responses to “Colorado trees”

    Good atmosphere! I am really appreciated these pictures. Brava Chiara!

    Reply to marco
  • Such mystical pictures! Check out for reviews in quality fashion! Thank you! xxxx

    Reply to Nina

    GOD! Cold just came to Barcelona, but there’s nothing to compare with Colorado’s landscape, it’s amazing there!

    Check the digital homage that Ferragamo paid to its legendary founder on, and the sexy celebrities they chose to star in this action.

    Bests! xxx M

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  • So Christmas atmosphere. Your photos are amazing. I love your bag.

    Reply to Mihaella
  • What beautiful pictures ! It’s so magical chiarra !

    Reply to debow

    Gorgeous holiday photos!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical holiday of the year to me! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us! xx

    Reply to Saltana
  • wow, Christmas started early in Colorado for you guys! I. Struggling to get in the festive spirit here in North England so this a lovely image to help get me in the mood xx

    Reply to Jenny
  • wow, this place looks amazing! I love the lights and your outfit!

    Reply to Pili G
  • Indeed the photos look great. But I think the look in your face is so serious. I bet I am not the only one who likes to see you laughing or smiling. Did somebody else also recognize this change during the last weeks?

    Reply to Jana //

    looks like you are playing in a horror movie

    Reply to katie
  • Oh I love,love,love these Christmas lights and the entire atmosphere in these photos. But I guess it must have been super cold,right?

    Reply to sammie
  • Wow! These images look spectacular! The photography is magical and your outfit is very chic.


    Reply to Avanti

    these photos are absolutely amazing!!! The detail and light just perfect , especially no. 6 and 7

    Reply to PATT
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