Milan weather seems going crazy: after spending a week with the air conditioning always on the temperature got cold again and I found myself wearing warmer clothes at the end of June. Not too bad, since I couldn’t wait to wear the new Jet Set Shona sweater 🙂

Il tempo a Milano sembra essere impazzito: dopo aver passato una settimana con l’aria condizionata sempre accesa le temperature si sono di colpo abbassate ed io mi sono ritrovata a dover indossare capi quasi autunnali a fine giugno. Poco male, visto che non vedevo l’ora di sfoggiare il mio maglioncino Shona di Jet Set 🙂


I was wearing:


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    mica male 1245 euro x un maglione…. 😉

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    ciao chiara! vorrei sapere di più il braccialetto arancio con le borchie argento che hai al polso…lo trovo molto chic! è vintage o di qualche marchio particolare?? grazie e complimenti per l’outfit…top!!!

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  • I like this colder weather, because I can cuddle up and drink some tea ^^

    Oh and let me tell you that I love your shoes!

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    Have you ever considered lip fillers? You are otherwise so beautiful,you should give them a try.

    Reply to IFA Fashion.

    Good morning gorgeous.

    I love your earrings on these photos. Would you tell me where you bought them please?

    Thank you in advance

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    love this outfit! casual but still super cute!! xx


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  • eep, I just can’t get into the marant sneakers. but I love your sweater and denim, can’t go wrong with a fitted look for casual days 🙂


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  • I absolutely love the sweater and pants. Your accessories make this look perfect! I am undecided on the shoes. They are so big but they are definitely unique! Great outfit!


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    Hi Chiara, i love your outfit, but my personal opinion is that it is too expensive and i don’t think that all of your followers can afford this type of clothing, i take myself for example.

    Reply to Ivona

    I dont like your blog anymore..sorry..
    I has nothing fun or real or personal anymore, it s hust a professional tool for you..

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    Salvo poi mettere i sandali a gennaio, sotto la neve… Bah. La coerenza, questa sconosciuta.

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  • Hey dear,
    I love your casual looks so much! always want to try your looks by myself 😀
    Wish you a beautiful dunday!!
    Love, Mona

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  • Nice to see you in a casual outfit like this! I love the simplicity of it, and how you make it pretty with your jewelry and orange lipstick. Very well put together! Oh, and the haircut is great. 🙂


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  • Haircut looks amazing and I’m sure you are loving it!



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    I love your hair, I want to cut it that way! I’m taking a picture of you next time I’ll go to my hairdresser. 🙂

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    Minchia, 1200 euro per un maglioncino…,posso capire una borsa, delle scarpe o un abito particolare, ma una maglia?

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  • Love your shoes. 🙂
    The weather is crazy. I wanna have my summer back.


    Reply to Stefan

    Sono sempre più innamorata delle tue scarpe da ginnastica..wow

    Reply to Maria Manuela Alloro

    This is a wonderful look on you, casual but very chic. ( I’m even begrudgingly coming around to more neutral reactions to those IM shoes). The sweater is incredible, with the zipped suede sleeves and knit details. Then I clicked through your link and saw the price. Gulp. That’s about $1700 US. I’ll wait for the 75% off sale! Your makeup is very pretty here as well, great coral lipstick on you.

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  • Yes … the weather. It’s bad here, too.

    I also did outfit photos yesterday with warmer clothes. Only 14°C. :/

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    Love this look – your jeans are perfect.


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  • I just can’t get enough of those sneakers 🙂

    The weather in Croatia is going crazy as well, it’s seems like it’s autumn all over again. And I don’t even have to mention that the sea is too cold to swim.

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    Here in Bavaria it´s exactly the same! Of this cause I decided yesterday also to wear jeans and a sweater – but to be honest not as awesome like your outfit <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

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    Great style ! I love your sweater 🙂

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    le scarpe non mi piacciono ma il maglione è molto bello!
    Perchè appoggi sempre le borse per terra? Con quello che costano è brutto e poco igienico sbatterle dappertutto, si sciupano!

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    I WANT YOUR WARDROBE. And your style.

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  • I do like it when a garment has interesting details and this sweater is a conversation starter with its layered sleeve effect and zips you sure cant complain about wearing it any time of the year.

    Christy of:

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    i dont like you any more as much as i did before

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    Don’t worry Ch., on Friday I wore my fall coat, ’cause there was 6°C in the morning 😀 Weather in Europe is just crazy this year

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    1245euro x un maglione ????assurdo!!
    Non è nemmeno bello

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