19th day of our Coast to Coast, third day spent in Las Vegas: we shot these outfit photos at Venetian, one of the most famous hotels in the sin city.

19esimo giorno di Coast to Coast, terzo giorno passato a Las Vegas: abbiamo scattato le foto di outfit al Venetian, uno degli hotel tematici più famosi della sin city.


I was wearing:


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  • Las Vegas … a city that isn’t comparable to any other of the world. I really really want to go there one day (: xx

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  • So nice you are in the venetian hotel!! Loved it when I was there 3 years ago 😉

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  • Ciao Chiara, volevo chiederti se per favore mi puoi dire la marca del tuo smalto che mi piace tantissimo ? 🙂

    Reply to alice

    Quel vestitino non ti dona affatto..e poi vorrei aggiungere, come ha detto qualcuno prima di me, che invece che fare 300 foto tutte uguali dell’outfit potresti mostrarci qualcosa di più del viaggio.

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    I love those sandals! They match perfectly with every outfit! 🙂 The hotel and the pictures are great too!

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

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    Hi Chiara 🙂 i love and enjoy to read your blog !!! this trip is awesome! i have a question about milano 🙂 do you have any secret tips for shopping?? We come to milano in septemer….and my budget is not as big, but i hope you can give me some nice inputs!! clothes, shoes, little accessoires and more…THANK YOU and have a nice Trip…xoxo karin

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  • The dress is so cute!
    You`re looking great!! 🙂

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  • The hotel? :O that is amazing and i really ah-dore your outfit!


    and do you mind checking out my blog? its new and id really appreciate your opinion!


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  • Che invidia…vorrei essere anch’io lì…nel frattempo per consolarmi continuo a fare il mio tour di sagre Abruzzesi…se qualcuno ha piacere passi nel mio Bllog, aiuterete me e la mia amica a crescere ^_^
    Baci a tutti.
    Sara & Pamela

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  • i couldnt catch you,you are in everywhere and you always beutifull.i love everything which you are the best for me and i will always wait you for my blog ;)))))

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  • i love those starfish sandals of yours!

    i went to vegas for the first time this year & still undecided about it. It was tackier & more vulgar than i imagined, but your photos make it look like a fun place again! maybe i should revisit!!

    katie x

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  • Hi chiara

    I have been following your blog for years now, I absolutely love it. I have recently set up my own blog and would love for you to check it out. You are very inspiring, thank you for the many amazing posts that I read every day 🙂

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  • I love this hotel! And you look so fabulous! Like a celebrity!

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  • Vegas is amazing either with your loved one or with your girls!!! Shopping is amazing too! Enjoy!

    CHANEL handbag giveaway on my blog

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  • I’m in love with your shoes! You are absolutely stunning! Love the photos! (:

    Esther xx

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  • Una Venezia ricca di colori, non come la nostra…
    preferisco sempre il naturale decorso del tempo, quindi vince quella Italiana…senza ombra di dubbio.
    Carino il vestito e la borsa al trovo tra le mie preferite in assoluto.

    Reply to Alice
  • Hi Chiara, I hope you enjoy your stay but it seems like you actually do 🙂
    I really like your blog, so thanks for sharing everything with us!!!
    I am in your country in Rome for 10 days! And this is pretty amazing…!
    Anaïs xx

    Reply to Anaïs

    How about some more copy about the trip? What you’re doing, experiencing traveling with your virtually unseen friends, etc.? Don’t really need 13 near identical photos of a simple outfit with close ups of accessories we’ve seen many times before. More travelogue, please!

    Reply to Petey

    Which size of shoes do you have? Looks really BIG!!!
    But amazing post! Adore the bag (L)

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  • Beautiful photos! I hope one day I will visit Las Vegas!
    p.s. Your style is marveless!

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    Beautiful photos! I hope one day I will visit Las Vegas!

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    you look super adorable in those sandals:) hope you’re having a great time travelling through the US.

    lots of love xx

    Reply to Nee

    Da queste foto traspare tutta la tua stanchezza fisica e dopo un tour del genere lo credo bene!!!
    Location favolosa ma il modello dell’abito non è adatto a chi ha poco seno come te, quindi a mio parere non ti dona per niente!Avanti il prossimo….

    Reply to Raffaella

    I want those sandals so badly, they would fit perfectly into my mermaid wardrobe/ everything i own

    Reply to Aly Wassel

    Capisco viaggiare e rinunciare a qualche comodita’, ma lo smalto ai piedi e’ lurido e scheggiato.

    Reply to Eternal

    wow love your outfit. the hotel looks amazing!

    Reply to Joy
  • This hotel is tricky. Even thought it is night time, it looks like day time! =D
    Looks like you are having fun in this sin city. Like what they say…. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😉

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  • Just by looking at all these beautiful pictures of you, makes me feel like “wow, she would do great on the movie screen” haha. I think your really beautiful.

    Reply to Hanna

    chiara vai a vedere l’albergo COSMOPOLITAN è ambientato in sex and city e ney corridoi trovi tacconi giganti!!! è bellissimo

    Reply to fernanda

        è un grattacielo altissimo nero con la vista sul Bellaggio

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    You look amazing Chiara, like you always do! I love following your coast to coast trip, I just miss the pictures with Mathilda, but I shore you do so too, it most be weird for you being that long away from your little princess! Have a lovely stay in L.A.

    Reply to Julie Mitzie
  • OH WOW! those celine sunnies are still perfection! love the venetian, I stayed there when I was in vegas too, did you have fun in sin city? haha, bet you did. I love the first and last pic because of the still frame, the water fall almost looks like frozen ice in the back, so cool I’m still obsessed with it! 😀 I just bought the Balenciaga Egyptofunk tee, please tell me what think, paired it with brocade pants from zara 😉

    xx nathan.niche

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  • Wow! It looks beautiful there Chiara and I love your bag so much!! The PS1 is one of my favourites, especially in coral! By the way, my charm bracelet giveaway is ending today, I just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to enter. It’s a gorgeous bracelet with little icons you can choose yourself and it’s really simple to enter 🙂 🙂

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    Chiara ti seguo sempre:) e ti ammiro! però fatti fare qualche foto senza occhiali da sole, e soprattutto sorridi!!!!!!! 🙂
    ti abbraccio,

    Reply to Federica

    Wow! Awesome! Love your sandals and bracelet:)

    Reply to Gul
  • The Miu Miu starfish sandals are absolutely stunning – such a fabulous idea! And I love this casual chic look from you!

    Reply to Kiara King

    Fabulous place and your outfit is very cute, love your sandales 🙂

    Reply to Caro*

    La VERA Venezia è tutta un’altra cosa…. non c’è paragone…

    Reply to eFFy
  • Such gorgeous pictures!*
    Love the dress and the bag makes for a gorgeous pop of color!*


    Reply to Ms. Allee
  • […] 19th day of our Coast to Coast, third day spent in Las Vegas: we shot these outfit photos at Venetian, one of the most famous hotels in the sin city. 19esimo giorno di Coast to Coast, terzo giorno passato a … Continue reading → […]

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