To celebrate the first Dior Ready-to-wear collection by Raf Simons a new project has been created: It’s the Dior Pop Up Project.
There are seven Dior Pop Up stores in the world, among the most prestigious boutiques in the world: IT in Beijing, Joyce in Hong Kong, My Boon in Seoul, Colette in Paris, Jeffrey in New York, Maxfield in Los Angeles and 10 Corso Como in Milano.
I’ve been chosen as the italian ambassador the project, and yesterday I had the chance to visit the Dior Pop Up store in 10 Corso Como, where a cocktail party will take place tomorrow, the 21st, for its opening.
A lot of new Dior surprises for you 🙂

Per celebrare la prima collezione ready-to-wear di Raf Simons per Dior è stato creato un progetto ad hoc: Dior Pop Up Project.
Ci sono sette Dior Pop Up store nel mondo, in alcune delle più prestigiose boutique: IT a Pechino, Joyce ad Hong Kong, My Boon a Seoul, Colette a Parigi, Jeffrey a New York, Maxfield a Los Angeles e 10 Corso Como a Milano.
Io sono stata scelta come ambasciatrice italiana del progetto, e ieri ho avuto la possibilità di visitare il nuovo pop up store di Dior presso 10 Corso Como, che sarà inaugurato domani, il 21 Febbraio, con un cocktail party.
Presto molte nuove sorprese firmate Dior 🙂



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  • great blog! the information you provide is quiet helpful, why i was not able to find it earlier. anyways i

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    Lovely ….BUT…. When will Dior have brand ecommerce boutiques and pop up stores for beauty?

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  • […] The embassador for the store in Milan is fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni. Visit her blog The Blonde Salad to find out more about the […]

    I am in LOVE with what Raf has done with the label so far. The pop-up shop looks great and really emphasizes the new silhouettes he’s putting forward.

    Lucky you to experience it first hand! I need to see if I can make it to NYC to get a glimpse before it disappears.

    xoxo, Em

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  • One of the brands I love to belong in my closet.
    Simply fabulous


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  • Semplicemente fantastico!!! Amo Dior, sopratutto per quanto concerne gli accessori.
    Sarai un ottima ambasciatrice!!!
    Un bacio ed in bocca al lupo per questa nuova esperienza!



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  • I’m in love with the blazer with the pleated waist! It’s gorgeous!

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  • Congrats on being the italian ambassador. And aww those pictures just wanna make you purchase everything!

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  • You are such an inspiration – you’re so lucky to be the Italian Ambassador for the Dior Pop Up Project!
    Cannot wait to see the photos of the cocktail party and the rest of your experience as the ambassador!
    Lots of love,
    Kate xo


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