And after the Dior video of my experience in Cannes here is some photos shot in the fabolous Domaine De Manon, where the roses for J’Adore fragrance are taken care of…

E dopo il video di Dior della mia esperienza a Cannes ecco qualche scatto rubato nella favolosa Domaine De Manon, dove vengono coltivate e raccolte le rose per il profumo J’Adore…


Photos by Riccardo Pozzoli and Senio Zapruder

I was wearing:


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    Beautiful, beautiful, unexpectedly beautiful, like a soul that is waking up and you suddenly become aware of her!

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    And after the Dior video of my experience in Cannes here is salomon sko some photos shot in the fabolous Domaine De Manon, where the roses for J’Adore fragrance are taken care of…

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  • These photos could not be more beautiful. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with that jacket! The whole ensemble, as always, is perfection!

    The Classy Cubicle

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    Carine le lentiggini sul naso! 🙂

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    Gorgeous photos, love your shorts.


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  • I know why I love these photos so much… they were shot by Richi! You can tell through his eyes and lens how beautiful he sees her, and she really shines through! Love this set of photos, they have a lot more personality than the others and I hope to see more (and you two back together)! http://natalieast.com

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  • You are so gorgeous. Love the pieces!


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  • I love how you mixed patterns and textures! This is a very fun and unique look! I love it 🙂 Great blog!!


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  • Hi, my name is Coralie. I’m a french fashion blogger, can you tell me what you think about my blog please ? I would be really happy if you do. Thank you very much ! Kisses. xx thesmallworldofcoralie.wordpress.com

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    Love that tee shirt and jacket. Those roses must have smelled incredible. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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  • Beautiful pictures of you. I love your vibrant color jacket.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘(Knot)ical’. I would love to hear what you think of my latest buy. A beautiful shirt dress.



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    Sei meravigliosa in queste foto!
    Ho letto che lavorerai negli USA, che lì hai un’agenzia di modelle che ti segue: ti auguro il meglio 🙂

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    Stuepende le rose! Non mi piacciono molto la giacca e la maglietta

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    la tshirt di msgm è favolosa! e che luogo paradisiaco! ti invidio tantissimo 🙂

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    Bellissime, le foto naturali in cui non fai la vamp sono quelle in cui ti esprimi meglio. Bellissime.

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    Ciccia devi farti aiutare da qualcuno col blog, non puoi far tutto da sola mi sa…

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    Love the pictures, wish there were more.

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    It’s FABULOUS. You always make the same mistake.

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  • Absolutely perfect shooting!
    lovely bright light and too cute Chiara with flowers in the hair!
    So funky princess!

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  • […] By Chiara Ferragni […]

    amazing!!! si alguien dice lo contrario es por envidia… you’re beautiful!

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  • Love the white nailpolish with these bright clothes!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

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