Despite the rain and the cold which arrived again I can’t wear tights anymore, especially If the occasion is a party at friends’ house (am I the only one hating tights? Tell me It’s not like that!).
This is the look I chose: Uniqueen printed dress and Topshop platforms, both lowcost options, mixed to Kenzo macaron bag. And to complete the look a cream blazer, real passepartout of the season.

Nonostante la pioggia e le temperature che si sono abbassate non riesco più ad indossare i collants, soprattutto se l’occasione è un party a casa di amici (sono l’unica ad avere una completa avversione alle calze? Ditemi di no!).
Ecco quindi il look che ho scelto: vestitino a stampa Uniqueen e decolletè Topshop, entrambe opzioni lowcost, abbinati alla macaron bag di Kenzo. E per completare il look un blazer panna, vero passepartout della stagione.



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    look da principessa:) stratosferica,sublime,divina,superlativa,e con i tacchi sei ancora meglio:)

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    Im so over tights as well.

    Why do girls get so "worried" when somebody is beautifully skinny… it makes me laugh… ohh envy!

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  • Beautiful dress and amazing shoes !!
    Your not alone, I hate tights, I can't touch them, the sensation is horrible !! 😉

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  • Your bag just finishes off the outfit perfectly, Pure class! And yes, I'm also not feeling the love toward tights at the moment.. no more until at least september please!

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    I am always amazed at your bravery to flaunt the imperfect feature of your body, you never try to hide it with clothe or a different picture angle. It's like "this is me, deal with it". I am amazed all the time, it's great, you are so confident.

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  • looks perfect on you, especially with your long curled hair 😉
    peace out,

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  • This outfit is really gorgeous ! I love the mix of colors.I also love the atmosphere of the pictures ; those bright green leaves just scream out that spring is here, and we can just feel those springtime showers !



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  • Ah…un Look Meaviglioso:una Magica Sinfonia di Colori ti fanno un Capolavoro di Stile e Bellezza!
    Molti complimenti,Chapeau!
    Ciao dalla Sicilia
    …by the way…Happy Easter!

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    you look great,love the combination of colours!
    Ps. I also hate tights and AUGURI DI PASQUA

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    mmmh low cost?! è il primo post che leggo, ero curiosa di scoprire il tuo blog… ma non promette bene al mio portafogli 😉

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  • This is one of your best outfits in a long time, really gorgeous! Love the dress and perfect to that bag! Simple but just great 😀

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    There's nothing else I can say about this outfit!

    It is just SO adorable and it makes you look SO pretty!

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    Wow, you look gorgeous in that dress. I love the color!

    Love, B.

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  • oh I hate tights too – they make ur belly feel uncomfortable and you fall out of your heels like all the time… 🙁

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  • Beautiful dress- you wear it better than the image from the actual store! I am going to do a little mini post about your look, if that's alright.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Wow, i really like your style! Looks very pretty 🙂

    And your hair is amazing!


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    Bellissimo questo vestito! mentre non amo le scarpe.
    ps: sei dimagrita un po' troppo, stavi meglio prima!

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    You look amazing in this dress, Chiara! You are so beautiful and stylish and you've so many wonderful clothes! Wish I had your closet and hair colour!:*:*

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    Hey, I seriously love your outfit !!!
    I've just got a question, I'd like to order that dress but I'm not certain if I should buy size S or M and the size chart is not useful for me because I'm from Germany
    So if you could tell me which size you chose it would be really helpful ><
    sorry for my poor english :S

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