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  • I love the outfit as much as I love the photos. I always adore crop top, they look classy and sexy, especially the black ones. And the skirt, so adorable. Love the color. You look stunning as always!

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    Love your photos.They have become art!! Ciao from Romania!!!

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    you should clean your eyebrows for such professional photos… your blog quality has deteriorated…. what’s the sense of it with zillion of blogs circulating around. boh

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  • You’re beautiful – especially love the pic with your hands around your waist. Very special!

    xo Sabrina

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  • these pictures are so beautiful ! and you as well of course 🙂

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    Always gorgeous, even after the long flights between Europe and the States.Bravo!

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    Amazing skirt! I’ve been thinking that I need a few more skirts in my life and this one’s perfect. Need to find something similar 🙂
    Bowtie Diary

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    Three things to mention: 1. You ARE beautiful! 2. Your nose is speckled? 3. Picture 3 and picture the last are NOT identical.
    And one hypothesis to put forward: Bulgari I suppose is some fashion company. Where does this name come from – so suspiciously the same as the name of the Bulgars who came from Central Asia in the 7th Century , and who we, the Bulgarians, descended from. Some Bulgars went to Italy, I suppose, were not killed, and so we are now blood relations!

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  • The black and white photos are by far my favourite. I always think of this quote “when you photograph in colour, you capture their clothes. When you photograph in black and white, you capture their soul”. Definitely applies here, I think!


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    Amazing photos, you look stunning! Love your outfit, especially the simple stacked jewellery and the skirt!
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

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  • Love what you are wearing! Reformation is definitely one of my favourite brands. Love the way you paired the crop top with the skirt.


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