Photographic diary of some of my favourite places in Dubai: the sunset at Jetty Lounge, Dubai Mall aquarium, the desert and the highest point of Burj Khalifa.

Diario fotografico di alcuni dei miei luoghi preferiti a Dubai: il tramonto alla Jetty Lounge, l’acquario del Dubai Mall, il deserto ed il punto più alto del Burj Khalifa.


DUBAI, 12th-15th MAY 2014

Photos by Andrew Arthur and Angelo Tropea

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    :O wow it’s .. amazing. Dubai looks really good

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    Ciao Chiara! Bellissime foto, stupenda Dubai e mi piace moltissimo la foto che hai scattato dal punto più alto d quella determinata zona. Gli animali dell’aquario sono un po’ inquietanti ma sono rari. Ciao

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  • nice……………………..really looking sagacious………..Hi frds r u looking for designs like this ……just hav a look on unnati silks… u will be mesmerized with their collections………..designers of unnatisilks are so expertised in designing …….if u see…u will never forget the designs……

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    hi, ur pics are all awesome. i really love love love your cropped top, could you please share the brand? Thank you so much.

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    Your photos sitting on a desert dune I find the most interesting because of the contrast between the desert, which we comprehend as something eternal, and the fashion items you are wearing, which will be demode next year. You also look influenced by this presence and something deeper in you can be seen, not just your dazzling beauty. Actually, you look happy. Being there is a good diversion from the ordinary places and locations you need to be for your photosessions. Nature helps us, always, and I feel a bit jealous of you, for I have never been to a desert.

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  • Dubai looks absolutely stunning. I love your line of shoes as well and I cannot believe that you have designed so many pieces! Amazing!


    Reply to Stephanie

    Oh how you make me want to travel!


    Reply to Rae

    Chiara sei sempre bellissima ! Inviodo ogni tuo viaggio ! :))

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    Wow, amazing photos. Congratulations! You must be thrilled to bits. What a huge achievement! Love the flats. So glad more people are designing fashionable flats. It’s the way forward!

    V @ Life+1
    New Post : What’s in my Beach Bag

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  • What an unforgettable experience you just had. After seeing these pictures it’s totally on my bucket list.

    Have a wonderful day.


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    Bellissimi posti, mi piacerebbe tantissimo anche a me visitare l’acquario di Dubai!

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  • amazing pics! Love the pants combined with the crop top! Where is that from?

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  • Wow this city is really amazing, like a dream. The first look with the black dress is easy and cute. The ethnic crop top is so cool, very chic this look. Love so much your new collection, it’s so you so it’s so fabulous

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    I really love what you have worn,including your clothing and pants. I’ve been following your blog for months~
    Chiara Ferragni,you’re a fabulous blogger and have a good taste:)

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    ooohh.. andrew appeared in your photos. well, that’s something new.

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  • Stunning photos of gorgeous blogger in awesome places.
    Love Dubai with all my heart. The city that was built in half a century from a desert to a cosmopolitan. What I love the most is combination of shopping and rest on the beach. Happy with the ChiaraFerragniCollection in DubaiMall. Hope to go there and buy a pair.
    Got total inspiration from your outfits. Especially from that black&white top. You look chicly as usual.

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