“There are items that, through the time, not only become iconic but make fashion history.
Diane Von Furstenberg signature wrap-dress is one of these”. Here is how I started the post talking to you about the iconic Dvf wrap dress and about the exhibition which celebrated its 40 years.
And then? Then It was my turn to wear it and make it mine.
And I chose Los Angeles and my beloved Melrose, feeling a bit like a modern diva wearing a dress that has been worn by some of my biggest icons, living my American dream

“Ci sono capi che, con il passare del tempo, non solo diventano iconici ma entrano a far parte della storia della moda.
Il wrap-dress di Diane Von Furstenberg è uno di questi.”. Ecco come avevo iniziato il post per parlarvi dell’iconico wrap dress di Dvf e della mostra appena inaugurata ad Hollywood per festeggiare i suoi 40 anni.
E poi? E’ stato il mio turno per indossare questo abito e renderlo mio.
Ed io ho scelto Los Angeles e la mia amata Melrose, nella quale mi sono sentita un po’ una diva moderna con un abito che è stato sfoggiato da alcune delle mie più grandi icone, vivendo il mio sogno americano.


I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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    You’re making such a weird and silly faces when trying to be sexy.

    Reply to Anne

    you are not sexy! your lips looks like so repulsive!

    Reply to jessy
  • What a timeless and fabulous piece! I was lucky to see DVF’s Journey of a Dress Exhibit at LACMA, it was incredible! She’s such a talented designer.

    xx Ella

    Reply to Ella

    Capelli sempre Redken?
    Stupendo outifit

    Reply to Alice
  • Your dress is wonderful, and your hairstyle is beautiful!

    Reply to Marion
  • J’adore ces photos tu es sublime !
    Tout comme Betty, je me répète mais j’adore ces robes. Et j’ai une préférences pour la tienne un peu plus « courte » .
    xx Nolwenn

    Reply to Nolwenn

    The dress is really fantastic and you look great, especially in the photo with the grim face. You are becoming better and better! As for the American dream, it was in the 19th Century , and it was about freedom and not divas. Don’t you feel you demean yourself talking all the time about divas? You are more than that, and we deserve more from your writing. There was one true diva in history – Maria Callas, all the others added to her made the word sound cheap.

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • you eat so many and you’ve so great body! 😀


    Reply to Sophie
  • I love DVF dresses. They are timeless and so classy. You can dress them up with heels or put on some sandals and always feel dressy. Great minds think a like… I have one on today on my blog.

    Hope you had a great time with your mom. I saw her on your instagram and she is beautiful.


    Reply to Sofia
  • Such a beautiful dress. Perhaps one of my favourite DVF dresses ever. Huge fan of the shoes too.


    Reply to Avanti

    molto “da vecchia” questo outfit..tra scarpe e vestito non saprei

    Reply to vero
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