Here It is: a video interview to Ed Westwick, new Philipp Plein testimonial.The questions I asked Ed were most of the ones I got on my fanpage, trying to satisfy your curiosity… Hope I could make most of you happy!
P.S: Ed, at the end Italy won the soccer game 🙂

Eccola: la video intervista ad Ed Westwick, nuovo testimonial di Philipp Plein.
Le domande che ho fatto ad Ed sono quasi tutte quelle che ho raccolto sulla mia fanpage, per cercare di soddisfare la vostra curiosità.. Spero di aver accontentato la maggior parte di voi!
P.S: Ed, alla fine abbiamo vinto noi italiani la partita 🙂

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    Ma verrà ancora in Italia ??? Voglio una foto con lui 🙂

    Reply to Vanessa

    dove sono le domande che gli hai fatto? grazie:)

    Reply to fulvia

    I think it wasn’t right that you was reading a guestions, you should have more perfection or sth.

    Reply to paula

    I met him once at JFK…didn't have the courage (and time, my flight was leaving!!) to say hello… 😉

    Reply to SilviaBG

    It's so great that you could make a video out of this interview (and that youtube let me see it even from Germany :D). xx

    Reply to B.
  • Well done with the interview Chiara. He still look darn good and still have a bad boy touch to him =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Um. What about is there a LOVE in your life, rather than a BLAIR?! Why are people STILL assuming heterosexuality is the default sexuality of their favorite celebrity, especially now in the 21st century?!
    Good Grief!
    I love him too.
    I'm a woman.
    I'm a heterosexual woman.
    But I don't need him to be heterosexual too for me to still consider him to be AWESOME!

    Reply to Anonymous

    Chiara, PLEASE write the interview! i'm a big fan from Brazil and i couldnt understand the answers very well! Thanks a lot! Love your blog 🙂

    Reply to Vanessa from Brazil

    Grazie mile per quest'intervista !!! Sei fantastica e lui é… non si puó dire haha =)

    Reply to Marie
  • Is it just me or does he seem a little bit uncomfortable in the whole situation?
    And while talking he looks sooooo nervous, always changing his position, rubbing his hands…
    but still you're such a lucky girl! He's amazing!
    And you look gorgeous

    Reply to Miss Jones

    bella intervista… bhè nell'atteggiamento ricorda molto chuck 😉

    Reply to Anonymous
  • You're so lucky to have met him!
    I really liked the interview! Although I have to agree with some of the girls, he did seem very nervous, and uncomfortable…which is strange cause he must have done it thousands of times so far…Either way he looked fantastic.

    Reply to Call me M
  • I'm so used to hearing him with an "american" accent. It's so nice to hear his normal speaking voice!! What a cutie!

    Reply to Kellee

    Penso che tu non abbia mai sorriso così tanto in vita tua.

    Reply to V
  • so difficult to understand your english 🙁

    he speaks very quite but it´s still easy to understand him..

    Reply to Andrea
  • How sexy a man can really be?? That accent, voice and everything is so so amazing!

    This was actually the first time that I heard Chiaras voice, that and the whole interview, what can I say anymore 😀 Perfection.

    Reply to ida-maria

    he is sooooooooooooooooooo cute omg!!! and you look so gorgeous!!:)

    Reply to rta
  • Oh my god could he be any more gorgeous? I love his accent! Great interview 🙂

    Reply to Charlie

    Secondo me gli sei piaciuta! scusa Richi! 😉

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  • I am soo jealous, because I love him. You r very happy that you met him 🙂 From your profile you look like Jessica Stroup, but she has brown hair. 🙂

    Reply to TheBloggerGirl

    I like him as an actor and i love his accent but he maintains a rigid posture all the time I guess he thinks he looks cool that way, Chuck bass sure has influeced him…

    Reply to lily
  • what a nice interview Chiara!
    It was funny to see Ennio arguing with Ed about soccer 😉 haha

    Reply to Kathi
  • That was awesome to hear the answer to my question. BTW, U have a lovely accent

    Reply to jennki

    Can you write the interview? I'm from Spain and I don't understand him very much. Thanks"
    i love this post!

    Reply to Anonymous

    Oddio che sguardo che ha!!!*.* Chiara nn ti sentivi un po' imbarazzata?io sarei svenuta, quanto e' bello!!!!Dal vivo com'e'?

    Reply to Anonymous

    ahuahua io capisco un po di inglese ma andate troppo veloce e non capisco nulla 🙁 dovresti scriverla chiara ahua grazie ;* comunque lui è proprio bello haua

    Reply to Alessandra87

    mamma mia che emozioneeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    lui è fantastico, sempre serissimo!

    Reply to Anonymous

    il suo sguardo a 5:55 **
    bellissima intervista, brava!


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  • Bravissima Chiara :o)!Hai fatto proprio una bella intervista.Un caro saluto e buona settimana… XO

    Reply to JASMINA

    haha chiara its so cute to see how nervous you are

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Wonderful interview dear Chiara, Ed seemed very nice and loved how you managed all the interview! *.* Muiiitos beijinhos from all of us ???

    Reply to KATEFP

    Chiara, metti i sottotitoli oppure scrivila per favore perchè parlate troppo veloce e non capisco :))

    Reply to Anonymous

    Glad that you interviewed this man! this was amazing 🙂
    – Jenni

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  • Well, now it' my turn:

    Best thing about Ed: His accent (aiaiai)
    Worst thing about Ed: His pose. He seems to be nice and kind but you can see his rigid posture in every photo and he moves a lot in his chair.
    I can see you're way much comfortable with the whole situation and you're very confident.

    Reply to Sara Morais
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