Riding an elephant: done.
Massage by an elephant: done.
I think I’m satisfied for today.. Have a good night, here it’s 10 pm already 🙂
All photos of the day tomorrow!

Giro in elefante: fatto.
Massaggio fatto da un elefante: fatto.
Direi che per la giornata di oggi mi posso ritenere soddisfatta… Buona notte, qui sono già le 10 di sera 🙂
Tutte le foto della giornata domani!


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    If I were you, I wouldn't have been able to encourage this kind of business: elephants should be free in their natural habitat!

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  • I really want to do that 2 – your trip to thailand looks amazing!!! I just went to Los Angeles 😉

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    Aiutoooo…ti schiaccia!!! :)) hihi
    Siete bellissimiiii in queste foto!!!
    Baciiii F-G

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    it is an open secret that the elephants are being tortured to do this "funny" things! I don`t think it`s cool at all !!!!!

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  • Aaaah how much fun, getting a massage by an elephant, amazing!

    Reply to Laura

    Hey Chiara!!! I'm also in phuket, I live here for already 3 months, in Surin beach. I think you should really come and see the beach here, it's the best and there is also a nice Club- Catch Club, glamorous and fancy.
    It would be very nice to meet you.


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  • I am always skeptical with things like these, I am always concerned that the elephants are not treated well



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  • What a trip of a lifetime! The pics are amazing… I love your hat! The pic of the elephant giving you a massage makes it look like a gentle giant.

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    Crazy pic! : ) Love

    Check out my blog 🙂 xx

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    l`ultima foto e scaring no way xi xi )))) Chiara, sei molto brava!
    Eleni Karaketidou

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    Noooo! Ti prego devi dirci come è farsi fare un massaggio da un elefante! Ahahah che figata -G

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    Lucky Chiara! Great to see that you have so much fun in Thailand! It's a wonderful country! But poor elephants… I don't think that they are happy, they're suppose to live in liberty!
    Anyway, have a fantastic time!

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  • Qué envidia guapa. Eso si que es un viaje en condiciones. Mi hermana anda estos días por Vietnam y también me manda unas fotos maravillosas.

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  • mamma mia – me piace avere un massagio da elefante! sei fortunata cara mia! bambi eye

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    Chiara alla foto del massaggio stai morendo dal ridere…ahahahah
    che cosa strana!
    Comunque bel cappello e anche la camicetta, sembri una di quelle donne di alta società che và nella giungla,mi ricordi una di un film…di cui ora non ricordo il titolo!xdxd
    Comunque spero tu ti stia divertendo
    Un bacione

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    I really hope those elephants are well looked after – he looks quite sad to me.

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  • Ti fai calpestare da un elefante e hai paura di lanciarti con il trapezio?
    Chiara, … ci siamo capiti!

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  • Looks like fun although, I hope you know those elephants are tortured and badly treated you should avoid supporting such 'adventures' you obviously have no idea how cruel those elephant tamers are it's horrific and you saw what they do to them I guarantee you and Ritchie wouldn't want to do it ever again.

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    agree with jesse:

    "If I were you, I wouldn't have been able to encourage this kind of business: elephants should be free in their natural habitat!"

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    Wow! who wudda known elephants could massage without crushing you.

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  • I do the same when I was in Phuket. It's a wonderful experience. I miss mainly Phi Phi Island, where you are yesterday. Your pictures are wonderful. Have fun. Kiss from Lisbon, Portugal

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  • An elephant massage — I need one!
    That is so funny. Did it feel any good?

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    è la prima volta che ti commento qui ma ti seguo da sempre e ogni tanto ti scrivo su twitter
    ti stimo davvero molto
    oggi ho rivisto su you tube la tua intervista con paola maugeri a virgin tv e sei davvero una brava ragazza continua cosi
    oggi sn and da yamamay a provare i tuoi costumi ma a me non stannoo come te purtroppo ma ho deciso cmq di comprare il costume giallo e arancio troppo bello complimenti
    kiss kiss

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    I really like youre blog and Im reading it almost from the beginnig but this post is disturbing. Are you awere that a lot of elephants in Thailand are tortured during training? Can you even imagine that someone can hurt elephant toddlers?
    This post is sad for me, but I hope you'll have geat time in Thailand.

    Reply to Kira

    This pictures are cool, but like many others said, I'm a little concerned about these poor animals, I think they learned to do these tricks for tourists by getting beaten… And since you have so many followers that read you and admire you (me included 😉 ) I don' think you should be "advertising" things like these…

    Reply to Val :)

    The elephants are not a mean of transportantion, much less a massagista…

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    Love your blog but elephant tourism is NOT ok!

    I watched a documentary on the 'phajan' that most domesticated elephants go through in order for them to be submissive and obedient and it was quite horrifying. I would recommend Elephant Nature Park to anybody with a conscience interested in seeing elephants free in their natural environment.

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  • OMG! Were you terrified he was going to stomp! They're such sweet animals, though!!!

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