This 2018 is full of good news for our dearest Chiara Ferragni. So many projects that see her dressing up in new roles: as a CEO, directly involved in her company’s strategies and future goals; as a mother, always next to her baby Leone…and, in the coming months, as a wife.


Chiara welcomed this professional and personal changes with her positive and enthusiast attitude. Of course these changes completely transformed her life, filling her already busy schedule. Between Leone’s naps and milk feeds, a shooting and a conference call, for Chiara is so important to find some time for herself. And, especially, for her hair, that needs to be stronger than ever in this special moment.


In these very busy days, Chiara always use Pantene 3 Minute Miracle hair conditioner, her best ally for beautiful hair: used with every wash, it instantly melts into the hair and helps to condition it without weigh down. It takes only 3 minutes to repair 3 months of damage and and fuel your hair with strength, health and beauty, for a true wow effect.



3 minutes to give to your hair strenght and beauty, but also 3 minutes to create super cool hairstyles. Thanks to Pantene 3 Minute Miracle hair conditioner’s natural long lasting effect, Chiara in these weeks has tried some new quick, easy and gorgeous hairstyles, like half bun, high ponytail and an amazing beach wave effect.


Discover Pantene 3 Minute Miracle hair conditioner’s effect in Chiara’s hair in our gallery below.




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