3U5A8494Everyone can change their destiny! I did it in 2009 when I did my first post on The Blonde Salad from my bedroom in Cremona. My destiny seemed to be a lawyer, Β I was so sure to be it… but still I wasn’t aware of what that simple post (and all the hard work and commitment of the years after) would have brought me to attending the most important fashion shows or the glamouros events or even landing on magazine covers. I was super young and not yet aware of what my destiny was for my years after. It’s the same thing for one of the parts of my body I do care the most: my skin. I’m obsessed with healthy, juicy and shiny skin… it’s what really makes the difference in women beauty and mostly in pictures of course. I understood that to have a beautiful skin in your later years you shall start to take care of it already from your 20s.. to have the great basis for a perfect and fresh skin when you’ll blossom.. and you’ll have changed your destiny!


Some of myΒ SK-II beauty secrets:

SK-II Mid-Day Essence which is perfect to keep your skin fresh and looking crystal in the office, while traveling or before you go to a night out ( and it prevents make up from caking!)

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids that work together to allow skin’s natural surface rejunavation process at its bests!

SK-II Eye Masks Pads to make your eyes more fresh than ever!

I was wearing
N21 dress

Pics by Andrew Arthur

Hair & Makeup by Giulio Panciera

Special thanks to:
Mandarin Oriental Milano

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77 Responses to “Everyone can change their destiny”

  • This is so inspirational! Love it Chiara, as always


    Reply to Linoya

    I like this blog but it is riddled with spelling errors! “Glamouros”?

    Reply to Valeria Tucker
  • One day, I hope I can be as successful, talented, and beautiful as you. That remains just a far dream though,

    Reply to Shyreen

    Mark this out as an advert! This is just a paid ad and you have really sold out. Lost my love for this blog a long time ago…

    Reply to Babysteps
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    I offer to you the invitation to be part of my blog of poetry, chronicles and novels.
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    you are very beautiful

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  • Strong and beautiful !
    Tellement inspirant de voir tant de filles aller au bout de leur rΓͺves !

    Pour toutes les copines qui passent pas lΓ , et qui ont pleins de projets, un blog, ou juste curieuse, on vous attend sur heylescopines.com πŸ™‚

    Reply to Julia
  • What a lovely story, I’m also fighting for my dreams

    Reply to Roza
  • lovely post! and you look absolutely stunning as always πŸ˜‰

    Reply to Yumi

    beautiful pictures, though we never see you actually using the product…did you use it? I understand the product has a “luxurious” brand and feel of fresh and clean but…come on.

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    Reply to sahra
  • lovely post, and you are so right! taking care of your skin now is so important for later when you get older, i am learning that now! very nice photos and you never know how you can change your destiny πŸ™‚ xo

    Reply to Andrea

    The products look very nice. I like to have shining skin as well but I’m very lucky because my skin is so easy to handle. I swear by using a face mask from time to time, it helps me to relax as well.



    Reply to Kat

    Hi Chiara! I really love your look. What’s your hair color? I super love it <3

    Reply to Rose
  • So true, everyone can change it! Nice products you made a review of! Look amazing again πŸ˜‰

    Reply to Christel
  • Do you wonder sometime, how Your life would look like, if you didn’twrite the first post?

    Reply to Love2lux
  • Your post is amazing. I love how you talk about changing your destiny. So inspiring!

    Reply to Callia
  • I loved this post, especially for your message, so true. One simple thing, dedication and commitment can really make a diference and change the course of our lives. Xx, Regina **

    Alana & Kyra

    Reply to Regina
  • Sei davvero bellissima, come scrive la tua mamma. E sei stata molto brava a lavorare per cambiare il tuo destino e realizzare i tuoi sogni. E’ importantissimo prendersi cura della propria pelle fin da giovani, con alimentazione sana e prodotti validi

    Reply to Paola
  • I couldn’t agree more with you and feel the same way about skin and destiny, lol! I’m trying Jurlique products at the min and I’m already truly amazed by how moisturizing the products are! Let’s see and I shall also try these!



    Reply to Whit
  • Yes, with that one post the industry has changed, and more open up to the world sharing what fashion industry is about!

    Thanks for taking us with your adventure!


    Reply to TIFF
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