Have you ever been in a desert, under an unforgiving sun that makes your throat burn? If you spent even just a few hours among the dunes before, you will remember that feeling of getting slowly roasted by the sun, and the constant need to drink. Now, imagine you are in a desert, and not just any desert: you are in the world’s driest one, the Anza Borrego desert in southern California, a lunar landscape with temperatures that make it a very tough place for anyone who ventures into it. That is where SK-II took Chiara for its Face The Wild|Face The Camera, a project made in a collaboration with National Geographic for which four celebrities went to locations characterized by extreme weather, to test the effectiveness of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in even the most extreme situations.
Chiara went to the Anza Borrego desert with National Geographic reporter Hanna Reyes, for a hike that was very testing for the body’s levels of hydation, and even more so for her skin. Right after the hike, photographer Jesper McIlroy photographed her to show how her skin had been kept fair and completely hydrated by the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. The product is made of 90% of Pitera, a natural ingredient that contains over 50 different micro nutrients that help protect our skin even in extreme weather conditions.
Watch the video to share Chiara’s experience, and have a look at the photos taken in the desert here!

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