After a half an hour nap, a shower and a change of clothing Angie and I decided to take advantage of the free afternoon to have a first trip in Shanghai: we started with a walk in Bund, followed by a walk on Waitan near the river with a view of the Pudong skyline to arrive on Nan-jing Dong Lu. The “original” outfit was supposed to be without scarf and hat, but the extremely cold wind didn’t let me act in other ways 🙂 The bag you see in these photos is the new Givenchy Antigona bag, which was sent to me just before leaving from RUNIN2 (talking about perfect timing), and that “saw the light” for the first time on my first day here in Shanghai 😀
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Dopo un pisolino di mezzora, una doccia ed un cambio di vestiti io e Angie abbiamo deciso di approfittare del pomeriggio libero per fare un primo giro di Shanghai: abbiamo iniziato con una passeggiata nel Bund, seguita poi da una camminata sul lungo fiume di Waitan, con vista sullo skyline di Pudong, per poi arrivare su Nan-jing Dong Lu. L’outfit “originario” doveva essere senza cappello e sciarpa, ma la temperatura ed il vento gelido mi hanno costretto a ricorrere a questi rimedi 🙂
La borsa che vedete in queste foto è la nuova Antigona di Givenchy, che mi è stata mandata appena prima di partire da RUNIN2 (quando si parla di tempismo perfetto), e che ho già “inaugurato” per questo primo giorno a Shanghai 😀




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    You have the best life of the world! Love ur style so much!!

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    Shanghai is an amazing city!! And I love your outfit. How many Chinese people wanted to take pictures of you?? They love blonde people!!

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  • i love that big black furry hat so so much!!!! and the skirt, the bag… looks so gorgeous too.. i love evrything about the outfit!! ^^ it looks simple at first glance, but then you notice all the little details, like the studs on the coat… beautiful!!!
    and shanghai looks amazing! you get to see such insane places!!!! :)))

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    Love ur style, ur outfits! You're simply the best!!! Buut i was wondering what's your weight and height? xxx

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    Stupendo outfit..xò una domanda: Ti è piaciuta più Tokyo o Shangai?
    Chiara :*

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  • aww you look so cute! love that all black look and then the skirt which shows up every now and then..

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  • The bund, my favorite area, especially in nite time, check out the small street behind penisula called yuan ming yuan rd, and also the wai bai du bridge, when the lights on in nite time, it's really calm and beautiful.


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    questo outfit è meraviglioso…
    sembri una svedese

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    That coat is fantastic!! Love from Canada!

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    I'm sure that you're the blogger with the best photos/photographer!!! You always look amazing, specially in trip's photos!

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    Uno dei miei outfit preferiti!!!
    Comodo,pratico ma allo stesso tempo particolare merito anche delle borchie sul cappotto!
    Bellissima borsa!!

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    Oddio che meraviglia di cappotto!! Lo adoro!! E comunque secondo me il cappello sta benissimo con questo outfit!!

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  • You look fantastic! Acne boots are my favorite shoes this year!
    That Christmas tree is huge and that lady with a little boy in her arms is so sweet!

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    sono solo bruttini e sproporzionati gli stivaletti!

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    I'm sorry to tell you that your zippers are not coordinated. Gold on the bag and silver on the skirt!!!!

    ps: please spell out "going to" instead of writing "gonna". Be a good example for all the other foreigners writing in English.


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    OMG!!! your boots are ugly! but I love your hat!;) saluti dalla Russia!!!

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  • Adoro la antigona di givenchy, ho mandato la letterina via e-mail a babbo natale (fidanzanto) proprio l'altro giorno spero di trovarla sotto l'albero!!!! Anche tutta imbacuccata sei lo stesso fashion!!!!!;p

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    QUEL CAPPOTTO!!!!!SANTO CIELO!!!è stupendo!!!!!

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  • stai benissimo anche con il capello! Non fa che migliorare il tuo look! 🙂

    Buona permanenza a Shanghai

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    Chiara la borsa è una meraviglia!

    Angie BRUCIA quel cappotto!

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  • you look so beautiful chiara! great outfit! xx

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    belle foto, ho come l'impressione che quelle calze non tengano molto caldo però! Avrei optato per un paio di pantaloni, magari in pelle.

    Reply to mery

    sei a shanghai, cavolo!
    nelle foto ci sei sempre tu, scatta più foto in questa bellissima città!!
    bellissima borsa, non mi piacciono le scarpe.

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  • I have been travelling to China before thanks to a Chinese sister-in-law and it is a really interesting place to discover. Enjoy your stay!
    I love your outfit and the bag is to die for, but I shudder at the boots 🙂 They look old and rumbled and – in my opinion – ruin the look of the perfect rest. But I said some time ago already that I don't like these kind of boots losely hanging on slim legs, so nothing new there ^^


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  • Welcome to Shanghai! You've got to check out the VUE bar before it starts raining on Monay, and Mr. Willis for brunch.

    Enjoy this crazy city!

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    Oh finalmente un bel cappotto calduccio rock yeah! La borsa però non mi fa impazzire e le scarpe sinceramente sono bruttine, ma come fai :S cmq divertiti 😉


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    I love your outfits like this. Because you look sooooo clasy and beautiful in simple, casual outfits. 🙂

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  • Jesus lady, you manage to look so chic and gorgeous in every single shot and with every single outfit. Love the hat and loooove the bag! Keep having fun over there!


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  • I reccomend you go to a bar called cloud nine in Hudong. It is on the top of a 58-floor 238 meter tall skyscraper.The perfect place to get the best views of not only the Bund but all of Shanghai.
    oh! I almost forgot! If you like yummy dumplings you should check out this famous resturant Din Tai Fung.

    Reply to Emily

    Beautiful photos, nothing more amazing than travel!
    I love your coat! It seems to be really cold there!
    Have a nice trip!

    Reply to Jez

    The look is really cool, except the shoes, which are really ugly

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    Bella! Avrei però messo i tuoi biker boots!!!

    Reply to Rosy
  • Love the travel photos! More, please, especially of the city lights at night. I think your hat makes the outfit. Very choc, I'd like the bag a lot more if it didn't have the brand name on it in big gold letters (Prada has started doing this too and I refuse to be a walking advertisement for them!) Angie looks like a Christmas elf with his skinny legs and hood! And speaking of skinny, you're looking awfully thin these days. Take care of yourself with all this traveling.

    Oh, and tell "English Teacher" above that it's "Ciao" not "Chow!"

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  • Looks amazing,great photos


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    Vestita così stai benissimo, mi piace un sacco questo look!
    Complimenti, davvero e divertiti Chiara 😉

    xoxo Vio

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    che carina 🙂 look semplice e ricercato allo stesso tempo ! gonna, cappotto e borsa sono meravigliosiiiii ! per le scarpe non posso dire lo stesso, qui per me sarebbero stati perfetti i tuoi biker boots, peccato che nn li porti spesso 🙁 un bacione, marina

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  • Ciao chiara…bell'outfit il cappotto è molto contemporaneo ho notato che le borchiette sono diventate uno dei must di questa stagione…poi i tuoi capelli risaltano molto con il nero…bè stai davvero bene…come sempre:P…buona continuazione…ciao

  • Oh the Nanjing dong lu , it is the street that I advice to you in the post of yesterday (during my travel, the guide told us that this street is called "rue Nankin", maybe it is the french translation !!) It is wonderful and it is the temple of the shopping !!

    The first picture of this post, I have the same (but at 12 years, my outfit was not so lovely !! )
    Thank your for all this good remembers; I really love your coat !!
    Bye 🙂

    Reply to Caro *

    The coat costs 2998 euros ! Too expensive for me, but very nice !

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  • Aaaamazing!!!!!però Chiara mi sa che devi iniziare a fare qualcosa per i tuoi capelli,non sono più quelli di un tempo!è successo anche a me,devi fare dei trattamenti per le punte!bacioniiii

    Reply to SaraTì
  • … that studded-jacket is amazing…! I love anything that is covered with metal studs! (just a few days ago I bought Coco duffel bag by Alexander Wang khaki-color!)
    However, maybe I would prefer a different color for the hat … =)

    Reply to Amber

    Hey Chiara;)
    If you're in Shanghai you should'nt miss to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower! The floor comprised partially of glass in one of the upper stories. I've been last summer there and it was a nice experience.

    besides the bag and your shoes are pretty (:

    Reply to Yingying

    io la tua bag l ho grigio marrone..è la cosa piu bella dell mondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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  • Love your coat!
    Went to Shangai ones, on one of the menu's in a certain restaurant they translated a chicken dish in to "Saliva chicken", it was so hilarious 😀 maybe you'll find some funny translations as well 🙂

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Bellissime foto!!!deve essere una città molto interessante da visitare!!!

    Chiara ti posso chiedere una info sui tuoi capelli??? Ho visto da altri posti che di natura li hai abbastanza ricci, ma quasi sempre li porti lisci e leggermente mossi alle punte….li fai con la piastra???la passi tutti i giorni??? E' una domanda che voglio farti da mesi!!!Grazie!!

    Reply to Lucia

    le foto sono un po' tristi..forse è tutto quel grigio, ma è inquinamento o brutto tempo? -.-

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  • bellisima! as always chiara 🙂 Loving the hat and the coat 😀
    what do u think about my coat? ;)

    have a nice time in shangai 🙂

    Reply to everYOURS everMINE
  • ahh, I love all the Shanghai photos. My friends were/are freaking out that you were here in our city! I hope you find it as wonderful as we do, and checked out the nightlife. Bar Rouge is for sweaty old me. M1nt and the Shelter are the best.

    Reply to Chrissy
  • The hat actually added a lot of character to the outfit, so it's a win-win in the end.

    Seeing the photos like these makes me want to just book the flight and go somewhere far away.

    Reply to Eugenia

    you look great! beauty coat and skirt! super 😉

    Reply to Eve

    Ciao Chiara.Il tuo look mi piace,la città deve essere molto caotica,ma interessante da visitare.La tua borsa è di nuova staggione che verrà (primavera-estate 2012),vero?
    Visitate anche il mio

    Reply to Anonymous
  • beautiful warm outfit! : )
    Shanghai must be a wonderful city and such a different as we are used to have here in Europe : )
    that pic with the Christmas tree is beautiful!

    ejoy your time there and take care!?

    Reply to Laura.

    la Cina deve essere un posto così diverso ed enigmatico, meno comprensibile per noi occidentali rispetto al Giappone o sbaglio? a parte il discorso commerciale hanno una cultura che non ci ha contaminato come quella jap, che impressioni ti dà?

    Reply to Anonymous

    hiii love ur shoes line i told all my friends about it 😀 please can u tell me were did u get ur (PHILIPP PLEIN STUDDED COAT )) i this pic ? and which collection is it ? lots of thanks

    Reply to warudy

    Great outfit!!
    Do visit Hong Kong if you have a chance sometimes, I am sure you will love it 🙂

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  • I was in Shanghai August last year and what I experienced was the total opposite from you. The weather was warm or warmer!!
    I really like your furry hat! Ok, maybe I'll put that in my Christmas wish list later =)
    Have fun in Shanghai!

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  • Foto meravigliose di Hong Kong: una delle cose belle di questo blog è che si può viaggiare il mondo insieme a te e conoscerlo meglio tramite le tue foto. Riguardo al look, siamo sempre sul quasi perfetto, dove il quasi riguarda qualche perplessità sul berretto, un po'troppo grande, e sulle borchie di metallo nelle spalle del cappotto. Il voto è 9.

    Reply to Lord Richard Oakgreat, Duke of Mascarel

    Ciao Chiara ! Prima di tutto vorrei dirti che sei bellissima e mi piace il tuo senso della moda ! Ti seguo da un po di tempo! Sono una studiante Francese di origine Italianna, vorrei sapere se mi puoi dare un consiglio per fare uno stage in una grande firma come prada, miu miu .. a Milano ? Grazie Mille un abbracio da Parigi !

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  • love your outfit) i hope u have good memorries from this lovely city)

    Reply to Genia
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