Before publishing the complete video about my Uganda experience I really wanted to share with you these videos of the same dance in two different moments: in front of Kabuyanda Innovation Centre and at Nyakitunda school.

Prima di pubblicare il video completo della mia esperienza in Uganda ci tenevo a condividere con voi questi video della stessa danza in due momenti diversi: di fronte all’Innovation Centre di Kabuyanda e nella scuola di Nyakitunda.

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    Wow, I’m truly amazed. When my friends first told me about this blog I thought it was going to be about another blonde socialite who cares about nothing but the way she looks. I stand really, really corrected. In a lot of ways, you are a better person than I am, and I was really touched reading your diaries from Uganda. Congratulations for the change you are making, I hope you continue to be this great person that has both a great heart and a great style.

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    Being a blogger is such an amazing thing (not to call it occupation). You can do what you love, dress up in amazing combinations each day of the year with purpose; you can share your experiences with thousands of people who enjoy them equally as you do and finally, and most importantly, you have an opportunity for amazing and once in a lifetime experiences like this, which is so touching and admirable that I can't help myself but envy you 🙂
    keep being an amazing girl Chiara, you do it amazingly well 😀

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  • Awesome, did you get the chance to jump in and dance with them?
    xx from L.A!

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  • Beautiful experience!

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    ciao Chiara
    Ho sempre visto il tuo blog perchè mi piace il tuo stile. Questa volta hai unito la grazia che ti appartiene a un'esperienza straordinaria e spero che come da tuo post i sostenitori del tuo blog possano contribuire ad aiutare queste popolazioni
    davvero grande progetto

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    Le pubblicità che precedono la visione dei video sono molto fastidiose

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    Reminds me South Africa and how happy they are just singing and dancing.
    Lovely experience, thanks to share it.
    Ornella, from Chile (South America)

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